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Zapp's Neon Signs
Zapp's Neon Signs.jpg
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Map MarkerNone (nearest: South Vegas Ruins West Entrance)
Part ofSouth Vegas ruins
Cell Name1ENeonSignFactory (interior)
ZappsNeonSigns (exterior)
ref id000fcca2 (interior)
00148dc9 (exterior)

Zapp's Neon Signs is an unmarked location in the Mojave Wasteland. It is inhabited by Fiends.


Once a major sign manufacturing company, Zapp's Neon Signs once even lit up the Las Vegas strip itself.[1] Now they are more known for being used as impassable perimeter walls. Such as the Fiends with the south Vegas ruins, and the denizens of North Vegas Square. The building itself is now more of a graveyard of signage, the most impressive monument being the feet of a Tall Boy statue.[2]


There are three main areas: the Entrance Office, the Workshop, and the Upstairs Foreman's Office.

Entrance office

As soon as you walk through the entrance door, be prepared: you will most likely encounter 3-5 fiends straight away. In the Entrance Office, you'll find a rigged terminal and a tripwire/grenade bouquet at the top of the stairs. At the bottom of these stairs lie three frag mines before entering the workshop. While you descend the stairs, you may encounter a fiend called Duke; he can be identified by his metal armor.


Beware of the frag mine the bottom of the stairs. There are three workbenches on the right-hand side of the room; two nearby ammunition boxes contain electron charge packs and microfusion cells. If you want to go up the stairs to your left, beware the two frag mines left at the bottom.

Upstairs foreman's office

The steps leading to the Foreman's Office contain three fire extinguishers on the stairs, which are all sitting next to frag mines. At the top of these steps is a fiend named Duke, who guards the Foreman's Office and the loot inside. Duke is scripted to shoot at the extinguishers at the bottom of the stairs coming from the office area, once the player gets near enough and even without being detected, setting off the nearby mines with the explosion.

In the foreman's office on the foreman's desk is a computer (hack level: easy). Once you gain access to it, you can read two shipping invoices and an accident log. There's a first aid box on the wall to your right, and two Nuka-Cola Quartz on the shelves with a copy of Boxing Times and a Lad's Life skill magazine. There is also a bumper sword located in the left-hand corner as you walk through the door.

Notable loot


  • There is a sign at the top of the stairs saying "McMurphy's Neon Sign Designs".
  • Although Duke is a named non-player character, he has no unique interactions and isn't involved in any quests. He does have a very high amount of HP compared to other fiends though.
  • The first aid box in the upstairs bathroom was placed upside down.


Zapp's Neon Signs appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.


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