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Z-43 Innovative Toxins plant
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Map MarkerZ-43 Innovative Toxins Plant
Cell NameNVDLC03SLChemical (exterior)
NVDLC03SLChemicalINT (interior)
ref idxx00151d (exterior)
TerminalsZ-43 Innovative Toxins plant terminals
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The Z-43 Innovative Toxins plant is a location in Big MT in 2281.


This facility was the original development area for the toxic red haze known as The Cloud, which was later deployed in the Sierra Madre and which factored so heavily into the plans of Elijah.


It is located northwest of the Saturnite alloy research facility, west of the X-12 research center, and east of the X-66 Hexcrete archipelago.

The entire facility floor is covered in radioactive goo, so it is wise to bring some RadAway. The plant consists of three main areas; the entrance, the large main room, and a small room opposite of the entrance. There is also a catwalk above the main room.

Notable loot


  • The Hazmat Pod Security Code is located within the small room at the back of the building, on the ground floor, resting against some filing cabinets. This is needed if one wishes to obtain the hazmat helmet and suit in the hazmat testing ground without using an upgraded sonic emitter.
  • There are numerous drained microfusion and small energy cells scattered around the facility.
  • When you enter the facility for the first time, you will be attacked by several Y-17 trauma harnesses. If you have the Wild Wasteland Trait, one of them will say, "Hey, who turned out the lights?" This is a reference to the Doctor Who episodes Silence in the Library and Forest of the Dead.


The Z-43 Innovative Toxins plant appears in Fallout: New Vegas add-on Old World Blues.


  • It's possible to get stuck in the toxic barrels in the corner of the main room. It is advisable to save before going over them.