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Z-38 lightwave dynamics research
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Map MarkerZ-38 Lightwave Dynamics Research
Cell NameNVDLC03SLHologram (exterior)
NVDLC03SLHologramINT (int.)
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TerminalsZ-38 lightwave dynamics research terminals
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If it wasn't for Sinclair's request, this hologram project would've been canned long ago.

— Z-38 researcher

The Z-38 lightwave dynamics research is a location in Big MT in 2281.


This research facility houses one of the more outlandish projects in Big MT. Focusing on unlocking the potential lying in lightwave dynamics, researchers in Z-38 managed to harness light to create computer-controlled holograms capable of acting as shopkeepers, guides and mobile cameras. The project also yielded more outlandish results, such as the valence radii-accentuator and atomic-valence tri-radii-oscillator, holographic halos capable of boosting the body's metabolism, increasing its regeneration rate and endurance.

The entire project would have been cancelled a long time before any of these results were obtained, were it not for the generous contributions of Frederick Sinclair, who also managed to convince the Big MT board of executives to militarize the fledgling hologram technology to create lethal, practically invincible guardians for his resort. Sinclair's influence on the project swiftly became bothersome, as the physicists working in Z-38 disagreed about militarizing a still unrefined hologram technology - or having to sculpt a perfect replica of Vera Keyes.


It is to the southwest of the Z-43 Innovative Toxins plant. The area outside is usually guarded by lobotomites and a pack of nightstalkers. Inside are two non-hostile holograms aimlessly wandering around the facility. The interior has two stories with a staircase on the right as you enter. The facility also has lots of pictures of Vera Keyes in order for the physicists to model a starlet hologram in her exact image.

The most noticeable facet in this installation is a large colum of light being projected from the ceiling to the floor. If walked into, they player will stumble around and the screen will go black. They will come to twelve hours later with no affects having taken place. This reinforces the holgrams role in valence radii-accentuators.

Notable loot


The Z-38 lightwave dynamics research appears in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on, Old World Blues.