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Yes Man
Yes Man.jpg
Biography and appearance
RacePDQ-88b Securitron Artificial intelligence
GenderMasculine programming
AffiliationBenny (formerly)
LocationThe Tops
Lucky 38
Dialogue FileYes Man's dialogue
Wild Card: Ace in the Hole
Wild Card: Change in Management
Wild Card: Side Bets
Wild Card: You and What Army?
Wild Card: Finishing Touches
No Gods, No Masters
Base ID001164f9 ((The Tops)
0015e110 (Lucky 38)
0016a21d (mainframe)
Ref ID001164fa
ActorDave Foley
DesignerJohn Gonzalez[1]

He just can't help but be helpful.

— Benny

Yes Man is a reprogrammed Securitron that serves as Benny's assistant in Fallout: New Vegas, and it is an integral part of Benny's scheme to take control of New Vegas. Yes Man initially inhabits a PDQ-88b Securitron although he may later assist the Courier in the "independent" New Vegas options for the game's ending as the Lucky 38's mainframe.


Yes Man was originally a generic Securitron robot programmed to work for Mr. House, like all the other Securitrons found on the New Vegas Strip. However, Yes Man was damaged by a pulse grenade, and was recovered by Benny and a few of the Chairmen, who then allowed Emily Ortal to examine the Securitron for Mr. House's secrets, in exchange for reprogramming him.

The reprogramming was extensive, and resulted in Yes Man being designed to do exactly as he is told (although the lack of restrictions as to who is doing the ordering would later be Benny's undoing). The plan was to dispose of Mr. House, plant Yes Man's A.I. in the Lucky 38 mainframe which would then put Yes Man (and by extension, Benny) in control of all the other Securitrons on the Strip. The next step was to take the platinum chip to The Fort, where he would take control of the great weapon he suspected Mr. House to have hidden away (as he did not know exactly what was stored there). The last step in the plan was to use this "weapon" to assume control of New Vegas and Hoover Dam.


Yes Man would be abandoned if Benny is allowed to flee to the Fort after the Courier pursued him to The Tops, and could soon after be found by the Courier.

Yes Man can also be found after Benny has been assassinated by the Courier at The Tops. To find Yes Man, enter the Tops casino and proceed straight ahead past the casino floor to banks of elevators (near the sign that says "Elevators out of Order"). Take the second elevator on the right to the 13th floor. Exit the elevator, turn right, and enter the third set of doors on the left side of the corridor (double doors with potted trees flanking them). Go into the room and through the hole in the wall.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character starts quests.
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  • Wild Card: Ace in the Hole: The Courier meets Yes Man for the first time. As there is no restriction on who Yes Man can help, the Courier can interrogate him to find all the details of Benny's plan, and even continue it themselves.
  • Wild Card: Change in Management: The Courier must obtain the platinum chip, assassinate House, and install Yes Man's A.I. in the Lucky 38 mainframe.
  • Wild Card: You and What Army?: The Courier must travel east of the Colorado River to The Fort and activate an army of Securitrons locked away in House's secret Securitron vault.
  • Wild Card: Side Bets: The Courier can meet with the various tribes of the Mojave and decide who will be spared in the upcoming battle for Hoover dam.
  • Wild Card: Finishing Touches: The Courier must convince Julie Farkas to support an independent Vegas, (optional) protect President Aaron Kimball against an assassination attempt and use an override on the El Dorado Substation in order to power the Lucky 38 and allow it to broadcast the Securitron operating system upgrade.
  • No Gods, No Masters: The Courier must power up the secret Vault, allowing the Securitrons within to break out and crush the Legion, before convincing the NCR to leave the Dam to Vegas - by force, if necessary.

Effects of the player's actions

After the assault on Hoover Dam, Yes Man informs you that he found pieces of codes within Mr. House's mainframe that "change [his] personality" and says he will seem to be offline for a little while until his personality change is complete. Thus, his new personality would be more assertive. This does not imply that he is going to rule Vegas as a benevolent artificial overlord; rather, he is simply not going to obey the commands of every random person he happens to meet. Only the Courier will be able to order him.[2]


Icon armored vault suit.png
Assault carbine icon.png
Icon briefcase.png
Carried items
Icon male severed head.png
Drops on death


  • Yes Man does not become hostile when attacked and the destruction of his body yields a single experience point. His personality is distributed between all Securitrons, so he is theoretically immortal (though in the story line there's a limited number of Securitrons at the Strip until you activate the bunker at the Fort) - if destroyed he will simply "hop" to another Securitron, although finding him can sometimes be tricky and time consuming. This can be exploited to provide an infinite supply of scrap metal by simply killing him, collecting the scrap metal from his remains, entering and then exiting The Tops Casino, then killing him again.
  • Yes Man will comment if he is attacked, if his body is destroyed or if he witnesses the Courier killing anyone.
  • Once the player finishes Ring-a-Ding-Ding!, Yes Man will be standing outside The Tops Casino. If they're playing a female and seduce and kill Benny with the Black Widow perk, Yes Man will stay in the back room of Benny's suite.
  • In the French version of the game, Yes Man is called "Béni oui-oui" ("Béni" is French for "blessed" and "oui" meaning "Yes"), a slang term given to a person who always agrees with the authorities.
  • Regardless of what the player does, the Yes Man questline will always be available. This is important as it is possible to close off all other endings and thus Yes Man is the only choice to complete the game.
  • True to his name, he will agree with everything that the player says, except when they tell him they are the Courier Benny shot. Yes Man then admits that it wasn't funny, preparing the trap for the Courier and everything.
  • You can easily get the Machine Head perk by killing and by waiting him to respawn.
  • Yes Man hates the Great Khans, but can only express this in a passive-aggressive way due to his programming.

Notable quotes

  • "[What do you know about the courier Benny shot?] I knew he/she was carrying the Platinum Chip! And I knew right where Benny should wait for him/her! That's why Benny put me here! To monitor Mr. House's data transmissions. They're all encrypted, of course - but I'm quite a decrypter! Did you know that Mr. House spent 812,545 caps hiring salvage teams to find the Platinum Chip- just in the last year alone? Of course you didn't! Or that there were seven couriers, but six of them were carrying junk? How about their exact routes, and the mercenary teams that screened them? I knew all that. Pretty smart, huh?"
  • "[Benny stole a Platinum Chip from me. Do you know what it's for?] Sure! Benny had me look at it a bunch of times! It's a data storage device, kind of like a holotape, but a lot more advanced! As for what's on it, well... Some of Mr. House's data transmissions made it sound like the Chip could upgrade his defenses somehow! That's just a guess, though! The Chip's a proprietary format! You'd need special hardware to read the data on it! There are two locations with non-standard hardware on the network - the Lucky 38 and an underground facility at Fortification Hill. I'd look there!"
  • "That's it, make me take my medicine!"
  • "[Say Mr. House was going to suffer an accident. How would that happen?] I mean, Benny was always scheming about how he was going to get into the Lucky 38, but you already took care of that. Wow! The other thing you're going to need is the Platinum Chip. You know, the one Benny killed a courier for, over near Goodsprings? The Platinum Chip is the key to overriding and exploiting Mr. House's defenses! Did I just say "exploiting?" That's not a very nice word!"
  • "You did a super job wrapping things up! And I'm not just saying that because I have to! I didn't want to make a big deal about this until after we won, but, well... I found some code snippets in one of Mr. House's databanks that will let me, um, reprogram my personality! To be a little more assertive, basically! So that's what I'm going to be doing, and it's going to take me a while, so it'll seem like I'm off-line. But don't worry, everything will be okay! I've updated the Securitrons' targeting parameters, so they know what to do! Vegas will be protected! So that's where I'll be, off making a few changes, and I... I guess I'll see you around! We accomplished a lot together! It was fun! Take care!"
  • "[I'm the courier Benny shot.] Hahaha! I know that's not true, because you still have a head!"
  • "[The last thing Vegas needs is more robots.] Oh, yeah, I'm sure you're right. I mean, for one thing, it's you saying it, and you always know what you're talking about. And if you had, you know, a huge killer robot at your command, yeah, that would just clutter things up. And a lesser person might want that kind of overwhelming force on their side, but you know - where's the challenge in that?"
  • "[Once I get the Platinum Chip, what then?] Let me know when it's done and I'll roll over to the Lucky 38. If I'm right about the Chip, I should be able to install myself on House's mainframe! This is going to be great! I'm going to help you accomplish so much, whether I want to or not!"
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Behind the scenes

  • A "Yes Man" is someone who agrees to everything suggested by their superior, no matter what the task.
  • Yes Man's face is very similar to Apple's original Macintosh computer icon, The Happy Mac. The Mac originally also focussed on user friendliness and lacked support for multiple users (no password was needed to use the machine, anyone could use it) which eerily mirrors the YesMan's personality. Also, the Platinum chip and Mk II OS could be references to the "OS Wars" of the 90s in which Apple aggressively attempted to Improve their Mac OS as much as possible.
    • Ironically, since Fallout Tactics, the series hasn't been available for the Mac platform.


Yes Man appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.