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Yearning for Learning
Scribe Yearling.jpg
Scribe Yearling
Quest data
LocationArlington Library
Given ByScribe Yearling
Reward100 caps and 10 XP per book

Yearning for Learning is a repeatable quest in Fallout 3.


The Lyons' Brotherhood of Steel has made an outpost in Arlington Library in order to recover and preserve as many books as they can. Scribe Yearling is in charge of the operation and sits at the front desk of the library. Even through you are a civilian, she will still ask you to help. If you do not insult her, she will offer to pay 100 caps for every intact pre-War book you give her.

Acceptable pre-War books are somewhat rare in the Capital Wasteland, but are spread all throughout the land. They can often be found in intact homes, military installations and metro tunnels.


  • Books that can be turned in have a value of 1, a green cover, and show a special "Book" icon, while other "junk" books have a value of 5, a blue cover, appear with the "Junk" icon in your inventory and are not accepted by Scribe Yearling. These "false" pre-War books can be found throughout the wasteland.
  • She does not consider a sheet music book to be a "true" book for her purposes, nor will she accept skill books of any kind.


  • PCIcon pc.png PlayStation 3Icon ps3.png Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png Sometimes, Scribe Yearling will ask you how your search for the books is going, and when you are given the dialogue choices with her, you will not be able to give her your pre-War books.
    • PC users may be able to work around this bug by selecting Scribe Yearling in the console and typing startconversation 14 FFDCArlingtonScribeYearlingGreeting1.