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Yangtze-class submarine
Fo4 Yangtze Class copy.png
WeaponsSix SLBM launch tubes
Four torpedo launchers
Standard complement of small arms for the crew

Yangtze-class submarines were one of the proudest achievements of the Chinese technological thought, capable of penetrating enemy defense lines at sea and delivering crippling nuclear strikes at a moment's notice.


The Yangtze-class boasts an unorthodox design. While nuclear submarines usually adopt a cigar-shape, to distribute the load throughout the hull, this class of submarines consists of a large forward section with the three primary propellers, built around the nuclear reactor powering the vessel and the ballistic missile launch tubes. All of the crew quarters, machine shops, and other facilities necessary for extended operations are contained within. By comparison, the middle and aft sections are much smaller. The sail contains the primary access hatch and the periscope, and connects directly to the bridge, which also doubles as the access point to the primary decks of the submarine. The aft section of the submarine contains only a propeller and steering rudders.[1]

Designed for the Ghost Fleet at Shaanxi around 2075, the class' stealth capabilities are superb and allowed at least one of these vessels, the Yangtze-31, to reach the eastern coast of the United States, evade detection, and deliver a crippling blow to Massachusetts.[2][3] If it wasn't for an errant sea mine, Yangtze-31 would have carried out its mission and returned to China.[4]


Behind the scenes

  • The Prima strategy guide erroneously refers to the submarine as a Liao-Class Type 113 submarine.

Appearances in games

A single submarine of this type, the Yangtze-31, appears in Fallout 4.


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  2. Zao: "200 years ago, I launched all of Yangtze's high-yield nuclear missiles. As ordered. For 200 years, I have lived with that guilt. That shame. So much fire Such bei. But one missile failed to launch. You must go down. Remove the warhead. Then bring it to me."
  3. Switchboard terminals: "> 2075 Dec 17
    "Could you repeat for the general what you just told me?"
    > Posit. Chinese stealth technology far outstrips our own capabilities. Posit. The Chinese intelligence apparatus is sufficient to conceal large scale research operations from American operatives. Conclusion. The Chinese have a 91% chance of having conducted large scale experimentation with Stealth Tech.
    "Large scale? What do you mean? What are their capabilities?"
    > American projects involving this technology (refer to "Stealth Boy") have merely reverse engineered captured Hei Gui suits. The underlying science of this technology is unknown. So the theoretical limits are also unknown. However the so-called "Ghost Fleet" that station A-31 and B-19 reported in November may indicate that testing has already commenced with submersible vessels.
    "Dear God. You think they have stealth subs?"
    > A second order approximation is inconclusive. Explanation. The logic chain of these assumptions have too much variability. Further data is required.
    "So you can't even give me a guess?"
    > Machine/human interface aborted.
    "Sorry, sir. We're working on some of her glitches. P.A.M... well, she gets real stubborn when she's doing too much guesswork."
    "Stubborn? She's a machine."
    "Sir. With each new version, well, she's getting quirky."
    "There's no way I'm taking this stealth sub nonsense to the Joint Chiefs unless I have proof. It's goddamned ludicrous to think the Chinese have been working on something this big and we've heard nothing."
    > Virtually no actionable intelligence has come out of the Shaanxi Province for 3.1 years. However, the province reports a spike in the imports of complex polymers and other key synthetic compounds. The quantity in question is consistent with stealth technology research on the macro scale.
    "Until you can give me something concrete, I don't want to hear another goddamned word about this."
  4. Zao: "Wa! It has been that long? Shi de. Yes. I suppose it has. Long ago. Just after the fire. Yangtze struck a mine. My qianting barely made it here into harbor. City already ruins by then. Few noticed us. Fewer cared. Too much tong ku."