YK32 pulse pistol (Fallout 2)

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For an overview of pulse pistol models throughout the Fallout series, see Pulse pistol.
YK32 pulse pistol
Fo2 YK32 Pulse Pistol.png
Damage & attacks
Damage32 - 46
Damage TypeElectrical
Attack Modes
SingleAction pointsIcon action.png AP: 4
RangeIcon range.png Range: 15
Ammo TypeSmall energy cell
Value$ 12500
weapon perkWeapon Penetrate
Prototype id00000396
Message FilePRO ITEM.MSG

The YK32 pulse pistol is an energy weapon in Fallout 2.

The YK32 Pulse Pistol is an electrical pulse weapon that was developed by the Yuma Flats Energy Consortium. Though powerful, the YK32 was never considered a practical weapon due to its inefficient energy usage and bulky design.

In-game description, Fallout 2


While named similarly to the pulse grenade and pulse rifle prototype, it is not actually an electromagnetic pulse weapon, but instead shoots electrical pulses effective against all targets, not just electronic devices.


  • This weapon may be found after gaining access to the Brotherhood of Steel Bunker in San Francisco. It can be found in one of the lockers in the lower level.
  • It may also be found on random Enclave units, such as the patrols around Navarro.


The pulse pistol is considered a powerful, light weapon, and as it uses pulse technology, it is popular as it negates most armors. However, the problem with this weapon arises from the fact that it can hold limited ammunition and it has quite a low range. This limits its functionality to quick, close encounters.