Y-17 medical facility terminals

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The Y-17 Medical Facility terminals are a collection of terminals from the Y-17 medical facility in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on, Old World Blues.


Note: This desk terminal is located on a desk on the second floor.


>\ Welcome, USER

Sierra Madre: Test Case?


I heard one of the execs mention that whether Sinclair knew it or not, the Sierra Madre would be a "test case" for the Auto-Doc and the Innovative Toxins research. Maybe they were joking, but even that kind of a joke sends a chill down my spine... if I got poisoned by one of those toxins, no way would I crawl inside one of the Y-17 Auto-Docs here if my life depended on it. The medical tech for those trauma suits alone makes me wish they'd erase their research - the suits do more thinking than the people inside them.

Y-17 Trauma Harness Testing Results


The Y-17 Trauma Harness has succeeded beyond our wildest expectations! The test harnesses were able to take over the motor functions of an injured subject and "walk" them back to home base.

We'll have to see what develops once it's recorded enough neuro-auto-muscular movements to display a wider range of behaviors... to think, if they could be programmed to replicate a wearer's shooting or fighting reflexes, we'd have something truly amazing for the war effort!

Y-17 Trauma Harness Action Items


Some issues still remain to be ironed out before the Y-17 Trauma Harness is ready for general production: calibrating the proper amount of injury to trigger the suit remains problematic. Still, the Little Yangtze subjects could hardly protest once inside the harness. If a home base is not designated, the suit enters an unpredictable wander state. And, as we discovered while calibrating injury levels, the suit's sensors are unable to recognize when the wearer is dead - luckily, autonomous corpse retrieval is nearly as useful as autonomous casualty recovery!