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X-8 splicing facility terminal
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The X-8 splicing facility terminal allows you to create 4 different creatures by splicing them, each one completes a challenge rewarding the player variable XP; they are challenges in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Old World Blues.


Three holotapes are required in order to 'learn' all the splicing experiments.

All three can be found in the X-8 research center, however you need the key to the X-8 kennel to obtain the final holotape.

There are a few "rules" for splicing:

  • only three experiment creatures can be made per day.
  • You can only do one Dog and Robot splicing Experiment (Roxie) at a time.
  • You need to clear the area before starting new experiments.

The X-8 slicing terminal displays the results of what you splice:

  • Splice Robot and Dog -- Creates a friendly, temporary companion, Roxie.
  • Splice Lobotomite and Dog -- Results in a "dismal failure", leaving behind the severely mutilated bodies of a dog and a lobotomite. The lobotomite can be looted for a weapon and minor loot.
  • Splice Robot and Unusual Specimen -- Creates a robobrain that is friendly but starts shooting randomly before exploding. (Completes the Automaton challenge rewarding variable XP).
  • Lobotomite and robot—creates a friendly robobrain which excitedly muses about the exciting new world it's presented with and what opportunities it offers to "a dreamer like itself"... before exploding. (Also completes the Automaton challenge rewarding variable XP). (Note challenge can only be completed once, whichever is spiced first yields the challenge and assiociated xp, does not reward twice.)


  • There may be a PC Bug which doesn't recognize the completion of the Automaton challenge.