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X-7a "Left Field" artillery launch
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Map MarkerX-7a "Left Field" Artillery Launch
Cell NameNVDLC03SLArtilleryLaunch (exterior)
NVDLC03SLArtilleryLaunchINT (interior)
ref idxx001520 (exterior)
xx00da2f (interior)
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Gametitle-FNV OWB.png

The X-7a "Left Field" artillery launch is a location in the southwest of Big MT in 2281.


The outside of the area is guarded by the RY-589 Ultimo bot. A Y-17 trauma override harness team with several lobotomites stands just outside the hole in the northeast fence. They remain grouped together until attacked, making a good target for grenades or the missile launcher found in the truck due west of them. There is a military truck crashed through the Artillery Command Center's wall, which can also be seen from the inside the building. Outside of the command center is the artillery launch gun control console, which fires the fixed artillery at the X-7b "Boom Town" target zone.

The indoor area of the command center has a couple of skeletons, some proton throwing axes, and a Recipes - Explosives skill book workbench recipe. The holodisk is located on the small edge of the soundboard in front of the artillery shell when first entering the room.

Notable loot

  • A missile launcher can be found in the old truck in the northeast corner of the facility
  • Recipes - Explosives skill book holotape can be found inside the Artillery Command Center, on the big machine that is above three ammunition boxes.


  • One of the skeletons inside the command room may have been hit by the truck which smashed through the center's wall. This skeleton is also found in an awkward position, with its legs spread and artillery shell pointing at its pelvis.
  • On the platform in between the fixed guns, there is a console where you can activate a "Test-Fire" sequence which shoots one of the guns, opening a crater in the North West portion of the X-7b "Boom Town" target zone with an atomic-valence tri-radii-oscillator and a Recipes - Guns skill book inside a locker.


The X-7a "Left Field" artillery launch appears only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Old World Blues.

Behind the scenes

  • The name Left Field likely refers to the phrase "Coming out of Left Field" which refers to an unexpected event.
  • The artillery guns located at the site are in fact a miniaturized version of the artillery guns located at the artillery overlook in the Fallout 3 add-on, Operation: Anchorage.


  • If you jump off of the platform that has a toolbox and half of a skeleton on it onto the lower platform that has a bunch of large missile looking things you can get stuck on top of them and be in permanent falling position meaning you can't fast travel due to "being in the air or jumping" and have to reload.