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X-01 power armor
Fo4 X-01 Power Armor.png
Valuessee belowsee belowsee below
Item HPsee below
Weightsee belowValuesee below
VariantsDanse's X-01 power armor
Editor IDArmor_Power_X01_Helm
Base ID00154ac5 (helmet)
00154ac8 (torso)
00154ac3 (left arm)
00154ac4 (right arm)
00154ac6 (left leg)
00154ac7 (right leg)

The X-01 series of Power Armor was specially engineered and employed by remnants of the U.S. military after the Great War, and offers increased protection over the older, pre-war models.

Fallout 4 loading screen

X-01 power armor is a type of power armor in Fallout 4.


Main article: X-01 power armor


The X-01 advanced powered infantry combat armor is designed for a single human operator, provided with the comfort and protection of a next-generation suit of armor. While the T-51 power armor relied on a lightweight poly-laminate composite shell for protection, the advanced model uses lightweight metal alloys as basis, reinforced with ceramic castings at key points. The resulting space savings allowed for reducing the armor's profile without compromising protection. Perhaps the most noticeable change was a completely new helmet assembly. The unusual, insect-like design features a pair of polarized eyepieces in place of the usual vision slit, providing superior battlefield awareness. The helmet's eye pieces also served as the suit's lamps, replacing the traditional single-lens attachment used in older models. The helmet's angled surfaces also help maximize the chance of outright deflecting projectiles and incoming fire.[1]

Classic power armor pauldrons were retired in favor of a "hump" that encloses the operator's head, significantly reducing the chance of enemy fire damaging the vital areas surrounding the head. The basic hydraulics system and servo-motors that provide the operator with enhanced strength are also high quality models, with improved performance as opposed to the original T-51b.[1] Additional features include an auto-gyro and the ability to lock them in position, allowing the suit to be stored upright (or the operator to take a nap while on guard duty),[2] an air conditioning system for comfort,[3] a radio headset[4], and an urine-recycling system carried over from the T-51b, allowing the operator to survive for weeks without water.[5] Despite these advancements, the X-01 suffers from severe design flaws that prevent it from seeing large scale deployment.[6]


The X-01 is the single best suit of power armor available in the game, though it is exceedingly rare. The T-60 power armor suffices for most purposes. Once parts are found past Level 28 it is possible for the Atom Cats Garage vendor Rowdy to sell 1 to 2 pieces of un-upgraded X-01 Armor.

Individual components

All individual components listed are the base, A model, with no additional modifications.
Type Piece Protection Hit points Weight Value
Ballistic damage Energy damage Radiation
X-01 Helmet 220 140 150 140 12 140
Torso 320 210 300 560 20 280
Arm 170 110 150 140 15 200
Leg 170 110 150 140 15 200
Sum All pieces, Mk I 880 570 750 Not applicable 62 820



Bonuses Damage resistance Energy resistance Health
Mark I
Mark II 20 15 15
Mark III 40 30 30
Mark IV 60 45 45
Mark V 80 60 60
Mark VI 100 75 75
Image Name Weight Value Editor ID Base ID
X-01 Mk.II Torso Lining 1 225 pa_comp_X01_Torso_Lining_B 0018319f
X-01 Mk.II Helmet pa_comp_X01_Helmet_Lining_B 0018319a
X-01 Mk.II Arm Armor 3 pa_comp_X01_Arm_Lining_B 0018319b
X-01 Mk.II Leg Armor 4 pa_comp_X01_Leg_Lining_B 0018319c
X-01 Mk.III Torso Lining 1 260 pa_comp_X01_Torso_Lining_C 001831a5
X-01 Mk.III Helmet pa_comp_X01_Helmet_Lining_C 001831a0
X-01 Mk.III Arm Armor 3 pa_comp_X01_Arm_Lining_C 001831a1
X-01 Mk.III Leg Armor 4 pa_comp_X01_Leg_Lining_C 001831a2
X-01 Mk.IV Torso Lining 1 265 pa_comp_X01_Torso_Lining_D 001831ab
X-01 Mk.IV Helmet pa_comp_X01_Helmet_Lining_D 001831a6
X-01 Mk.IV Arm Armor 3 pa_comp_X01_Arm_Lining_D 001831a7
X-01 Mk.IV Leg Armor 4 pa_comp_X01_Leg_Lining_D 001831a8
X-01 Mk.V Torso Lining 1 270 pa_comp_X01_Torso_Lining_E 001831b6
X-01 Mk.V Helmet pa_comp_X01_Helmet_Lining_E 001831ac
X-01 Mk.V Arm Armor 3 pa_comp_X01_Arm_Lining_E 001831ae
X-01 Mk.V Leg Armor 4 pa_comp_X01_Leg_Lining_E 001831b0
X-01 Mk.VI Torso Lining 1 275 pa_comp_X01_Torso_Lining_F 001831b7
X-01 Mk.VI Helmet pa_comp_X01_Helmet_Lining_F 001831ad
X-01 Mk.VI Arm Armor 3 pa_comp_X01_Arm_Lining_F 001831af
X-01 Mk.VI Leg Armor 4 pa_comp_X01_Leg_Lining_F 001831b1


There is no separate modification world object for the the X-01 "Mk.I," as this is the base armor.

Model Components Requirements Product
Mk.II 6x Adhesive
5x Aluminum
4x Ceramic
4x Circuitry
4x Nuclear material
2x Rubber
Power armor station 1x X-01 Mk.II Torso Lining
5x Adhesive
4x Aluminum
3x Ceramic
3x Circuitry
2x Rubber
1x X-01 Mk.II Helmet
1x X-01 Mk.II Arm Armor
1x X-01 Mk.II Leg Armor
Mk.III 8x Adhesive
8x Aluminum
6x Ceramic
4x Circuitry
4x Nuclear material
4x Rubber

Science! 1 and Armorer 1

Power armor station

1x X-01 Mk.III Torso Lining
6x Adhesive
6x Aluminum
5x Ceramic
3x Circuitry
3x Rubber
1x X-01 Mk.III Helmet
1x X-01 Mk.III Arm Armor
1x X-01 Mk.III Leg Armor
Mk.IV 9x Adhesive
10x Aluminum
8x Ceramic
4x Circuitry
4x Nuclear material
5x Rubber

Science! 1 and Armorer 2

Power armor station

1x X-01 Mk.IV Torso Lining
7x Adhesive
8x Aluminum
6x Ceramic
3x Circuitry
4x Rubber
1x X-01 Mk.IV Helmet
1x X-01 Mk.IV Arm Armor
1x X-01 Mk.IV Leg Armor
Mk.V 10x Adhesive
11x Aluminum
9x Ceramic
5x Circuitry
5x Nuclear material
6x Rubber

Science! 1 and Armorer 3

Power armor station

1x X-01 Mk.V Torso Lining
8x Adhesive
9x Aluminum
7x Ceramic
4x Circuitry
5x Rubber
1x X-01 Mk.V Helmet
1x X-01 Mk.V Arm Armor
1x X-01 Mk.V Leg Armor
Mk.VI 10x Adhesive
14x Aluminum
11x Ceramic
8x Circuitry
8x Nuclear material
8x Rubber

Science! 1 and Armorer 4

Power armor station

1x X-01 Mk.VI Torso Lining
8x Adhesive
11x Aluminum
9x Ceramic
6x Circuitry
6x Rubber
1x X-01 Mk.VI Helmet
1x X-01 Mk.VI Arm Armor
1x X-01 Mk.VI Leg Armor


Type Effect Resources Perks Required
Military paint Increases Strength when all pieces painted 4x Adhesive
5x Aluminum
2x Nuclear material
Vault-Tec paint Increases Charisma when all pieces painted 2x Adhesive
3x Aluminum
2x Plastic
Lead plating Increases Radiation resistance 5x Adhesive
4x Aluminum
2x Circuitry
4x Fiber optics
4x Lead
Armorer I
Winterized coating Increases Energy resistance 5x Adhesive
4x Aluminum
7x Rubber
Prism shielding Increases Energy resistance 4x Adhesive
2x Aluminum
4x Nuclear material
4x Rubber
Science! II
Explosive shielding Reduces damage from explosives 5x Adhesive
4x Aluminum
5x Ceramic
Science! I
Titanium plating Increases armor health 5x Adhesive
7x Aluminum
4x Steel
Armorer III
X-01 X-01 EMP shielding Increases Energy resistance 6x Adhesive
8x Aluminum
8x Rubber
Institute paint Increased Intelligence with all pieces painted (+1) Complete Nuclear Family



Type Effect Resources Perks Required
Rad scrubbers Removes radiation from water when drinking. Science! 2
Sensor array +2 Perception Science! 3
Targeting HUD Visor highlights living targets. Science! 3
Internal database +2 Intelligence Science! 2
Recon sensors Sighted aiming marks enemies with a compass pip. Adhesive 4
Aluminum 3
Circuitry 2
Fiber optics 3
Science! 2
VATS matrix overlay Increases hit chance in VATS. Adhesive 4
Aluminum 3
Circuitry 4
Fiber optics 3
Science! 2


Type Effect Resources Perks Required
Core assembly Increases AP regeneration rate. Science! 3
Blood cleanser Reduces drug addiction chance. Science! 1
Emergency protocols +25% speed and +50% damage reduction when below 20% health. Science! 4
Motion-assist servos +2 Strength Science! 3
Kinetic dynamo Taking damage restores AP. Science! 4
Medic pump Detects hits during combat and automatically uses a stimpak when health is low. Science! 4
Reactive plates Reflects 50% of melee damage back on the attacker. Armorer 4
Tesla coils Deals Energy damage to nearby enemies. Science! 3
Stealth Boy Activates stealth field when crouched. Science! 4
Jet pack Enables jet-assisted boost while jumping. Science! 4
Armorer 4


Type Effect Resources Perks Required
Rusty knuckles Unarmed attacks cause bleeding damage 2x Adhesive
4x Aluminum
2x Ceramic
3x Steel
Blacksmith 2
Tesla bracers Adds energy damage to unarmed attacks 4x Adhesive
4x Aluminum
3x Copper
2x Rubber
Blacksmith 3
Science! 1
Hydraulic bracers Increased unarmed damage 3x Adhesive
4x Aluminum
4x Oil
4x Steel
Blacksmith 3
Optimized bracers Reduces Action Point cost for power attacks 2x Adhesive
2x Aluminum
2x Ceramic
3x Rubber
Blacksmith 1


Type Effect Resources Perks Required
Explosive vent Increases damage radius for impact landing 6x Adhesive
15x Aluminum
12x Asbestos
9x Nuclear material
Science! III
Overdrive servos Increases sprint speed at additional AP cost 4x Adhesive
9x Aluminum
8x Fiberglass
4x Nuclear material
Science! III
Kinetic servos Increases action point refresh speed while moving 4x Adhesive
4x Aluminum
3x Nuclear material
Science! II
Calibrated shocks Increases carrying capacity 3x Adhesive
6x Aluminum
4x Fiberglass
Science! II
Optimized servos Reduces Action Point cost for sprinting 4x Adhesive
4x Aluminum
8x Fiberglass
4x Spring
Science! III


Main article: Headlamp
Type Effect Resources Perks Required
Standard lamp Base lamp color. 1x Aluminum
1x Copper
1x Fiber optics
Blue Special lamp color. 1x Aluminum
1x Copper
1x Fiber optics
Bright Special lamp color. 1x Aluminum
1x Copper
1x Fiber optics
1x Nuclear material
Purple Special lamp color. 1x Aluminum
1x Copper
1x Fiber optics
Red Tactical Special lamp color. 1x Aluminum
1x Circuitry
1x Copper
1x Fiber optics
Vault Boy Special lamp color. 1x Aluminum
1x Copper
1x Fiber optics


  • Note that entering a cell that contains a spawning armor will lock that cell to the character's level. If the player character's level is not high enough for the X-01 to spawn, it will not spawn.


Partial armor spawns

The power armor will only spawn if the player character's level is 28 or above. Note that this is for a guaranteed spawn.
Location Image Description Map image


Abandoned shack (Installation K21-B) Fo4 KB21 PA Loc.png Located under the stairs at the lowest level.
Worldmap Loc Img 273.png
East of the Milton General Hospital
Fo4 PA another checkpoint.png
Near the IFV
Fo4 Milton PA map.png
Fort Strong Fo4 Pa Loc Img 3.png Inside the guard post before the bridge leading to the base.
Goodneighbor (The Dig)
377160 2015-11-13 00030.png
At the end of the dig, inside the room with the legendary lizard.
Worldmap Loc Img 186.png
National Guard Training Yard (Armory) Fo4 NGYard Armory 1.png Inside the locked side room. Worldmap Loc Img 067.png
Collapsed highway with IFV convoy south-east of Jamaica Plain, north of Neponset Park.
Fo4 PA Loc N NEponset.png
Submerged in the water, top parts of the helmet may be visible.
Fo4 Neponset Map.png
South-west of Lake Cochituate
Fo4 Cochita PA.png
Standing under the tree at the old checkpoint.
Fo4 Cochita PA map.png
West of Murkwater construction site
Fo4 Murkwater PA.png
Standing in the water, near the crashed Vertibird
Fo4 Murkwater PA map.png
Northeast of the National Guard Training Yard
Fo4 PA NGYard NE.png
Inside the trailer.
Fo4 PA NGYard NE map.png

Complete suit spawn

The power armor will only spawn if the player character's level is 28 or above.
Location or nearest marker Image Description Map image
35 Court
Fo4 35 Court PA loc.png
Inside a locked compartment, unlocked by buttons inside the rooms with an Assaultron and a Sentry bot.
Fo4 35 Court map.png
S. Boston military checkpoint Fo4 Pa Loc Img 4.png Inside the cage at the checkpoint. Worldmap Loc Img 164.png



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