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Wolfhorn ranch
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Wolfhorn Ranch loc.jpg
Map MarkerWolfhorn Ranch
BuildingsWolfhorn Farmhouse
OwnersUlysses (Formerly)
Cell NameWolfhornPoint (overlook)
FarmerShackInt01 (interior)
ref id000e1948 (overlook)
001025e1 (interior)

Wolfhorn ranch is a location in the Fallout: New Vegas. It's located up State Route 164 east out of Nipton, south of Ranger station Charlie and Camp Searchlight to the east.


Once a successful bighorner ranch, it was recently abandoned by its owner, Ulysses.[1]


The ranch occupies an outcropping overlooking the state road and boasts quite the infrastructure, including a windmill for power, a mechanical pump, water tank, and a maize field for the bighorners. There are also several planters by the water tank, containing various plants including banana yucca and coyote tobacco.

The ranch building is largely desolate, but contains a stove, a gun cabinet, lockers, and bed. All of the container do not respawn, so the area can be used as a stopover point. The bed does not give the Well Rested bonus. The lookout point over the highway contains a grave with a ruined book and harmonica beside it, with a radio tuned to Mojave Music Radio and a campfire nearby.

A caravan will spawn on the overpass bridge when the player enters the highway leading the Ranch, who will head north towards Novac, REPCONN headquarters, and Crimson Caravan Company. They will usually die at the hands of legionaries, Vipers, and wildlife unless escorted by the player.

Notable loot

Behind the scenes

  • In the Italian, Spanish, German and French versions, the Wolfhorn Ranch is called "Accampamento di Ulysses", "Campamento Ulises.", "Ulysses Lager" and "Camp d'Ulysses" respectively. All stand for Ulysses' camp.
  • The grave located on the hill in the ranch is a reference to Ulysses being cut from the base game.[2]



Wolfhorn ranch appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.


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    What was once a profitable Bighorner ranch has recently been abandoned, and its owner—a man named Ulysses—is nowhere to be found. Scour the place, especially the farmhouse itself (which has most of the items you want). Down at the bottom of the garden is a well and a tank with irradiated water (only sip if you're desperate), and an allotment with a few plants to pick."
    (Fallout: New Vegas Official Game Guide Collector's Edition Tour of the Mojave Wasteland)
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