Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

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Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
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Quest data
LocationGarrahan Estate
  • The Fixer
  • 100 caps
  • Random consumables, ammunition, and grenades
  • 15% chance for a legendary item
Related quests
The Lowe-Down
leads to:
Event: Encryptid
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For the Fallout 4 quest of a similar name, see In Sheep's Clothing.

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing is a quest in Fallout 76. It was introduced in Patch 8 in April as part of Wild Appalachia series of content.


Calvin van Lowe made a rookie mistake in reprogramming the Assaultron, which promptly killed him, adopting its Sheepsquatch programming. With Calvin dead, Wolf had to organize an emergency hunt for the rogue robot, starting at the Garrahan Estate.


  • Sounds like the Assaultron was a major emergency for whomever backed the entire group of conspirators. To move ahead with the entire story, players need to head over to the Garrahan Estate and reach the top floor, with the open court and flying car (details on how to access it are in the article for the Estate). The target terminal is on the pillar leading to the patio, on Allan Garrahan's terminal.
  • Accessing it will reveal that Garrahan was on the verge of using custom anti-robotics weapons to even the chances with Hornwright, but Vivian, ever virtuous, declined the opportunity and Allan wound up offloading them with Mr Wolf. The emergency check-in points to a cache at the back of the flying car. Access it to collect the Assaultron Emergency Recall keycard, complete the quest, and enable Event: Encryptid!