Wixon Homestead

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Wixon Homestead
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Part ofThe Forest
  • Scorched
  • Technical
  • The Forest location
  • Point of Interest
  • Clearable
  • Supports large encounters
  • Dungeon
  • Large loot scale
  • Fast travel destination
  • Outdoors theme

    Wixon Homestead is a location in Fallout 76.


    A sizable homestead in the valley near Vault 76, the Wixons were quite prosperous, with their own delivery flatbed used to deliver foodstuffs.

    Points of interest

    • The homestead consists of four buildings. The house contains a magazine spawn and a safe upstairs, together with a message to one Sammy. The shed behind the house contains a tinker's workbench, while the weapons and armor workbenches are located in the warehouse and the silo barn respectively. Notably, the field is very flat, excellent for setting up a CAMP.

    Notable loot

    Notes and holotapes
    Potential bobblehead
    On a barrel, on the south wall of the curve-roofed hay barn and garage, just right of the metal shelving.
    Potential magazine
    On the small ornate upstairs table, in the middle of the east wall in the bedroom, inside the farmhouse.
    Dynamic spawns


    Wixon Homestead appears in Fallout 76.