Wixon's Shovel Museum

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Wixon's Shovel Museum
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Wixon's Shovel Museum is a location on the outskirts of Nuka-World.


This museum was dedicated to preserving and displaying antique shovels of the United States of America (or at least Wixon claimed). Saying the shovels are famous might be taking the term too far. On display, they have:

  1. the shovel that President Abraham Lincoln's cousin's neighbor used to dig a latrine in 1862.
  2. the shovel used by actor Keith McKinney in the film Ditch Diggers of Dusseldorf.
  3. a "long handled spade" that was popular between April 3 and April 7, 1963, that is now missing.
  4. a shovel used by Private Jean Luc Allard as he followed Napoleon Bonaparte's horse during ceremonial parades throughout Europe.
  5. a replica of what the first neolithic shovel may have looked like if it was made in Mexico, which is now missing.
  6. a replica of British Shovel Fighters of the American Revolutionary War, known for digging pristine ditches and deflecting rifle shot with their shovels.


The layout of the museum is simple: the singe roomed first floor has several shovels on display and gift shop in the corner, with an Advanced locked safe in the floor. Nearby stairs lead up to the offices.


Wixon's Shovel Museum appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.