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With Our Powers Combined
With Our Powers Combined.gif
Quest data
LocationThe Castle
Given ByPreston Garvey
Reward350 XP
Editor IDMinDestBoS
Base ID000dfb3c
Related quests
Old Guns
The Nuclear Option
leads to:
Defend the Castle

With Our Powers Combined is a Minutemen quest in Fallout 4. This quest takes place only if Sole Survivor completed The Nuclear Option as Minutemen, finished Old Guns, and are sworn enemies of the Brotherhood of Steel.


With the fate of the Commonwealth almost decided, only one obstacle remains in the way of the Commonwealth Minutemen and their general: the Brotherhood of Steel. With their leadership based out of the Prydwen behemoth, a plan must now be enacted to take it down. Permanently.


  1. To increase the Minutemen's firepower for the upcoming battle, Preston will instruct the Sole Survivor to build artillery at five other settlements outside of the Castle, and have each of them actively manned by settlers.
  2. Upon completing this task, visit the operator for Radio Freedom at the Castle, and ask him to give the strike order. Upon sending out the order, the Castle will come under attack by Brotherhood of Steel forces, in which the Sole Survivor will need to lead the Minutemen to victory against this threat.
  3. After the assailants have been dealt with, the Sole Survivor will watch from the Castle as the Prydwen is brought down by the condensed artillery fire, in which the surviving Brotherhood of Steel, arriving from vertibirds, will launch a final, desperate attack against the Castle, all of which must be dealt with in order to eradicate the Brotherhood of Steel threat from the Commonwealth.

Quest stages

100 Talk to Preston Garvey
200 Build artillery in 5 settlements
300 Launch artillery strike on The Prydwen
500 Destruction sequence complete
550 Transition to Defend the Castle
580 Defend the Castle complete - Talk to Preston Garvey
800 Speak to Ronnie Shaw or Preston Garvey about Vertibird
1000Quest finishedQuest complete


  • By partaking in this quest, many unique items will become unavailable through legitimate means, such as the Final Judgment or Maxson's battlecoat.
  • Completing this quest will unlock the ability to use captured Brotherhood of Steel vertibirds, by utilizing flares that respawn within the Castle's armory.

Behind the scenes

The quest title is a reference to the mantra the Planeteers use to summon Captain Planet in Captain Planet and the Planeteers.

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