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Witch Hunt
Fo4FH Sister Aubert.png
Quest data
LocationThe Nucleus
Given ByHigh Confessor Tektus
RewardInquisitor's Cowl
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Base IDxx000000
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What Atom Requires

Witch Hunt is a quest in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.


High Confessor Tektus requires the aid of the Sole Survivor in rooting out heresy within the community. The accused? Sister Aubert.


  1. Read the High Confessor's Note.
  2. Locate Sister Aubert's bunk. It's on the lower reactor level, in an inset on the walkway. Edgar's Note is tucked under the mattress. Read it.
  3. Optional: Talk to Sister Aubert. With a moderate persuasion effort, she will let it go that she dislikes Tektus.
  4. Find the locker key. It's behind the bench inside the locker room in the entrance corridor to the Nucleus.
  5. Open the locker in the submarine, in the small storeroom at the starboard side. Read Aubert's Note.
  6. Optional: Confront Aubert. It's possible to just hand her the note and then to lie to the Confessor, tell her to run, or blackmail her.
  7. Return to the High Confessor. At this point:
    1. Turn Aubert in and receive the Inquisitor's Cowl.
    2. Lie about not finding anything (forgoing the cowl).
    3. Use persuasion to say that Aubert is loyal. This nets the Cowl (and is the only way of obtaining it without damning the sister or exiling her).

Quest stages

Status Stage Description
Read the High Confessor's Note The High Confessor's tasked me with investigating a member of the Children. I need to check his note to see who I'm looking into.
(Optional) Speak to Sister Aubert
Search Sister Aubert's Bunk It would seem the High Confessor suspects Sister Aubert of treachery. Time to see if there's any truth behind his fears.
Access Edgar and Aubert's Footlocker I found a letter written by a Child of Atom named Edgar to Sister Aubert. Seems they used footlocker for secret correspondences. I should try and gain access to it.
Read Aubert's Note I found a note written by Aubert in an old footlocker she and Edgar to share secret correspondences. This could be the clue I'm looking for. I should see what information it contains.
Report What You've Found to the High Confessor I discovered a furious note written by Aubert. Now I need to decide what to do with it - turn it over to the High Confessor or talk to Aubert about it.
(Optional) Confront Sister Aubert
I managed to convince the High Confessor that Sister Aubert's not a threat. With the letter destroyed, she should be as safe as one can be.
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