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Wind farm maintenance
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Cell NameDLC03WindFarmBuildingInteriorLocation
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TerminalsFar Harbor wind farm terminals

The Wind farm maintenance is a location on Mount Desert Island.


A reinforced underground bunker that allows maintenance access to GDA Fusion's wind farm. Once under the control of Verdant-Air Wind Power, this facility intended to essentially be a good PR pull for GDA Fusion, the wind farm would actually successfully research perpetual wind power thanks to efforts by Doctor Kelly Rydecker. However, GDA Fusion was in the business of fusion power, and not free, renewable, power. The board of GDA Fusion ordered the shuttering of the facility in late 2077. While the operation was never completed, the research did not go to waste as DiMA would harness the wind power technology to help Far Harbor power their much needed fog condensers.


The interior of the wind farm is straightforward and laid out in a T-shaped pattern. The entrance forms the terminus of the vertical bar, while the three windmill turbines are arranged along the horizontal bar. To access the internal corridor, collect four industrial-grade fuses (three on the shelves near the security door, one on the trolley next to the fuse box), then enter. Watch out for assaultrons.

The steamer trunk is located in turbine number three (right-hand side).


Wind farm maintenance appears only in Far Harbor.