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Wilson Atomatoys corporate HQ
Fo4 Wilson HQ Ext.png
Worldmap Loc Img 208.png
Map MarkerWilson Atomatoys Corporate HQ
FactionsWilson Atomatoys (formerly)
QuestsArlen Glass
Marlene's Holotape
Cell NameAtomatoysCorporateHQExt
AtomatoysCorporateHQ01 (interior)
ref id0000e117
0009087e (interior)
TerminalsMainframe Access Terminal
Secretary's Terminal
Operations Terminal
Security Terminal
Reception Terminal
Development Office Terminal
Development Lab Access Terminal
Development Lab Terminal
President's Terminal

Wilson Atomatoys corporate HQ is a location in the Commonwealth.


The derelict remains of one of the most notable pre-War toy manufacturer, overlooking the highway passing through Boston. Before the War, the facility was commandeered by the military as part of Project Scythe and traces of this takeover still remain...



The entire building has a confusing, confined layout, best described as a labyrinth.


The player enters through the basement door, into the generator room. Ahead is a door that gives access to the mainframe and will only open if they have an employee ID, while the one to the right has a Master-level lock and leads to the stairwell. Otherwise, it's time to do some digging. Beyond the generator room lies the central shaft the building is built around. Since elevators are out of order, the only way lies through the connecting room with the cages and then a store room for... Giddyup Buttercups!

The upper floor contains the offices and administrative rooms, one of them contain's the note Marc's warning. In order to progress through the dungeon, the player needs to go back to the basement through a hole in the admin room (with all the destroyed desks and terminals). Mutants will likely swarm the entry point when they detect the player.

The other half of the basement contains the mainframe and a terminal which can unlock the storeroom with some rare ammunition directly opposite. Through the room beyond, the player can access the stairwell that leads to the upper floors.

Upper floors

Emerging into the ruined foyer, the player is usually entering hidden, allowing them to explore freely. The security office just to the right contains a terminal that can be hacked. The room opposite contains the ramp up. The rooms are arranged around the foyer and include:

  • The cinema: Contains the Wilson Atomatoys HQ key.
  • The development lab: Pristine condition, contains a Master-level safe and a terminal with the paper note Reminder and Marlene's holotape.
  • The President's secretary's office, with an exit to the upper terrace.
  • The President's office, with a high level super mutant, safe, and the notes Warning and resignation letter.


Notable loot

  • Two fusion core are on the premises: one is inside the generator in the room next to the entrance, and the other can be found on the left side of the ruined elevator (the elevator with a ramp to the floor above).
  • There are at least 14 Giddyup Buttercups throughout the building, with 12 of them in a storage room in the western corner of the basement, another in the development lab, and one in the reception area.
  • Nuka Cola Quantum in the meeting room, somewhere
  • Buttercup sales
  • (3) Wilson Atomatoys HQ key is on the floor of the security office, adjacent to the reception area.
  • (3) Wilson Atomatoys ID card one is in the security office, in the filing cabinet. Another is
  • Reminder on Arlen Glass' desk in his office.
  • Marlene's holotape is found in the development lab terminal in Arlen Glass' workshop.
  • Resignation letter on the desk in the president's office, the top floor on the south side of the building.
  • Arlen's manifesto in the trashcan next to the desk in the president's office; the top floor on the south side of the building.
  • Warning on the desk in the president's office, the top floor on the south side of the building.
  • Office note in the foyer on the receptionist's desk, next to the terminal.


Wilson Atomatoys corporate HQ appears only in Fallout 4.


  1. Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Collector's Edition p.457: "[11.08] WILSON ATOMATOYS CORPORATE HQ
    Before the war, this was the headquarters of the Wilson Atomatoys Corporation, maker of the well-known Giddyup Buttercup horse. Only the senior officials at the company, including the lead designer Arlen Glass, were based here. The building lay abandoned for years until a gang of Super Mutants stormed it, using it as a base for raiding the surrounding area."
    (Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Map)