Willy's grocer

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Willy's grocer
Willy's Grocer.jpg
Icon unmarked.png
Willy's Grocer loc.jpg
Map MarkerNone (nearest: Tenpenny Tower)
Cell NamezTenpennyGas (int.)
Wilderness -14, -18 (ext.)
ref id00033b6e (int.)
00002b08 (ext.)

Willy's grocer is a small convenience store in Fallout 3 Capital Wasteland, located east of Tenpenny Tower.



There is a gas pump outside of the grocer, along with some cars near the gas pump. The grocer itself is relatively small and shaped like a square.


There are four radroaches inside ready to attack the player. There are shelves for any products that were going to be on display and a counter for a cash register. There is also a safe behind the counter.

Notable loot

A Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor can be found next to the right register.


  • A lootable safe (Hard) can be found behind the employee desk.
  • yao guai spawn outside at night, making the grocer a dangerous area for poorly-equipped wastelanders.


Willy's grocer appears only in Fallout 3.