Wilfred Dumont

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Mentioned-only character
Wilfred Dumont
Biography and appearance
AffiliationWest Tek
RoleResearch lead
Mentioned inFallout 76

Forge ahead and light the way! Will you be the key to ending the plague of world hunger? Anything is possible at West Tek!

Doctor Wilfred Dumont was the head of West Tek's Greenhouse Initiative, an extension of the Pan-Immunity Virion Project, established to facilitate and control the production of GM foods in a safe, practical manner. Organized in Appalachia, near Huntersville, the initiative involved a large number of researchers under Dumont's lead. When the project was scrapped in favor of Advanced Mutations research, Dumont informed his co-workers ahead of time, as the change voided most of their contracts, and offered to help them in finding new employers.[1]


Wilfred Dumont is mentioned only in Fallout 76.