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For an overview of punga fruits, see Punga fruit. For the various forms of fruit that appear in the Fallout series of games, see Fruit.
Wild punga fruit
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Wild punga fruit (left) and plant (right)
+10 Hit Points
-1 Radiation
Punga Power! perk
Additionally -4 Radiation
Component ofMoonshine
QuestsA Spoonful of Whiskey
Base IDxx003fc6
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Wild punga fruit is a consumable fruit in the Fallout 3 add-on, Point Lookout.


Wild punga bushes can be identified by their ovate leaves with a serrated margin and acute tips and the large fruit they carry. The plant has one or more main stems without leaves, from which branches develop which carry the leaves themselves. Punga fruit plants flower at a single point at the terminus of their stems, gradually developing into large, fleshy fruits with a yellow/brown, thick skin. They are common throughout Point Lookout, due to the unique conditions offered by the swamps. A refined punga fruit cultivar has been created by the tribals, improving the qualities of the fruit.

Some Point Lookout locals also managed to develop ways of using the punga fruit to create eg. alcoholic beverages.[1] Punga fruit also contain electrolytes that allow it to become a battery with the right electrodes inserted into the flesh, much like pre-War lemon batteries.[2]



  • Wild punga fruit plants are spread throughout Point Lookout. Larger concentrations of the plants can be found near waterways, in the Sacred Bog, and the Ofie clan plot. Note that each plan can only be harvested once and will only yield a single fruit, regardless of the plant's appearance.
  • Traders in the Capital Wasteland will stock punga fruit while the add-on is active.


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