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The wig a piece of headwear in the Fallout 3 add-on Broken Steel.


It is a full head of fake brown hair, worn by Griffon to either cover up his own baldness or falsely promote that his product Aqua Cura will ensure hair growth. It provides a damage resistance of 1.


  • Griffon's head, and several in a closet in the Museum Authority Building.
  • A wig can often be found on one of the ghoul guards in the Museum Authority Building despite Griffon's orders for the wigs not to be worn. However it should be noted that the player will receive no negative effects for choosing to disobey Griffon's said instructions.


  • The style of the wig is identical to John F. Kennedy's famous coiffure.
  • It cannot be used to repair Button's wig, or vice versa.
  • If you confront Griffon while wearing one of the wigs, a dialogue option will come up where you can ask where he got his hair done. He'll respond by nervously saying how it's practically the same as his.
  • If you shoot the wig, it sounds like you are shooting an organic body part and blood will spatter on the floor.

Behind the scenes

  • The idea of a ghoul wearing wig is most likely a reference to the ghoulish aliens in the John Carpenter movie, "They Live". Many of the "ghouls", as they are credited, have false hair very similar to this, as well as faces that are reminiscent of the Fallout ghouls.