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White horsenettle
WhiteHorsenettle-PickedFromPlant.pngWhite horsenettle.png
Icon horsenettle.png
White horsenettle (left) and plant (right)
-1 Agility for 120 seconds
-1 Endurance for 120 seconds
+1 Hit Point per second for 5s
-5 Starvation
Component ofBleak venom
Mother Darkness
Silver sting
Tanned gecko hide
Tanned golden gecko hide
Tanned fire gecko hide
Tanned green gecko hide
Fiery purgative
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White horsenettle is a consumable item in Fallout: New Vegas.


White horsenettle is a plant, which has managed to survive the thermonuclear apocalypse with virtually no change in morphology. The white horsenettle is one of several dozen species of so-called "stinging nettles"; the plants themselves have thin, hair-like thorns along their leaves and stalks. When touched, the plant injects a compound derived from formic acid into the hapless unfortunate that got a nettle or two in their skin. Larger doses of nettle poisoning can cause itchiness around the wound site, inflammation, and blistering. They have a straight, tall stem and heart-shaped leaves. In maturity, tiny clusters of flowers form where the leaves and stem meet.

White horsenettles are useful plants as the seeds are used as basic materials for a variety of poisons, including Mother Darkness, Tremble, Silver Sting, and Bleak Venom. White horsenettles can also be used to create tanned gecko hide, tanned fire gecko hide, tanned green gecko hide and tanned golden gecko hide. However, eating white horsenettle not only weakens the body, but also impairs Agility while restoring only a small amount of health.

Like all other Mojave Wasteland plants, ripe white horsenettles found in the wasteland will eventually regrow after being picked by the player, making them an unlimited supply of free food.

Effects of Survival skill

10-1 Agility, -1 Endurance, +1 Hit Point, -6 Starvation60-2 Agility, -2 Endurance, +2 Hit Point, -11 Starvation
20-1 Agility, -1 Endurance, +1 Hit Point, -7 Starvation70-2 Agility, -2 Endurance, +2 Hit Point, -12 Starvation
30-1 Agility, -1 Endurance, +1 Hit Point, -8 Starvation80-2 Agility, -2 Endurance, +2 Hit Point, -13 Starvation
40-1 Agility, -1 Endurance, +1 Hit Point, -9 Starvation90-2 Agility, -2 Endurance, +2 Hit Point, -14 Starvation
50-2 Agility, -2 Endurance, +2 Hit Point, -10 Starvation100-3 Agility, -3 Endurance, +3 Hit Point, -15 Starvation


With the add-on Old World Blues, this item can be crafted by the player.

1 White horsenettle


Horsenettles tend to grow near civilized areas; they can also be found in isolated areas though these are much less common. In general, under water towers, water tanks, pipelines and power lines is a good place to look.