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White House
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The White House, or what's left of it...
White House loc.jpg
Map MarkerWhite House
Part ofPennsylvania Avenue
Cell NamePennsylvaniaAveWhitehouse
Wilderness 15, -7 (plaza)
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xx02ee26 (plaza)

The White House, located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW in Washington, D.C., was formerly the official residence of the President of the United States.


The White House was the official residence and principal workplace of the President of the United States, has been the residence of every U.S. president since John Adams in 1800. The building also had a pool renovation in 2042.[1] Early in 2077, the property was abandoned, left with only a skeleton crew to maintain the grounds as the President and other staff left for Control Station Enclave.[2] It has been destroyed by a point-blank nuclear detonation.[3]

Two centuries later, the ruined White House plaza was occupied by Lyons' Brotherhood of Steel as a strong point against super mutant incursions along Pennsylvania Avenue.[4]


Facing the barricaded avenue in front of the White House crater (with the rest of Pennsylvania Avenue behind the player), the manhole leading to the crater is located to the right, opposite the Hotel and Penn. Ave Northwest Metro station entrance.


The crater is a small area with a number of elevated platforms, remnants of the underground bunkers of the White House. The remnants of the executive residence are seen from where the southern lawn and portico of the White House would be.

The entire crater is heavily irradiated, at 7 rads/second. It is inhabited by several glowing ghouls. Followers might acquire the Fat Man for the fight, as it is perceived as a higher quality weapon, but since they do not understand the concept of splash damage, they can try to use micronuclear munitions in close combat. Caution is advised.

Notable loot

  • Fat Man: At the concrete island on the top.
  • 3 mini nukes: Next to the Fat Man.
  • Pugilism Illustrated: In the utility tunnel leading to the crater, in the alcove to the right from the entrance.

Behind the scenes

  • The entire area is heavily scaled down and lacks many landmarks that form the boundaries of the White House in real life. As a result, the crater clashes with almost perfectly intact buildings on the sides. More details at this link.


  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png PCIcon pc.png It is possible to escape the boundaries of the map by jumping on the junk protruding from the sides of the crater.
  • PlayStation 3Icon ps3.png The Fat Man and other loot are affected by physics bugs, which means they can be knocked around and even fall through the map. If they are not present, this is likely the case.


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    Stunt Gone Awry
    At the crossroads is a rusting car. It appears a lunatic attempted to leap the car using a bike (which is farther up the tunnel). Outside, you appear in the ruins of the White House, still highly radioactive. The only living remains are a pair of frightening Glowing Ones. Face them, or flee to one of the concrete "island" on the column supports that are still standing, and blast them from here for some RadAway, and a grand prize."
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