Where Am I?

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Where Am I?
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Where Am I? is a voice holotape in Fallout 76.


  • Landview Lighthouse: on a picnic table next to a corpse in the pavilion close to the lighthouse area.



Chem Addict: Mmmmm, yeah. Yeah, that's the good stuff. Yeahhh... I'm flying man, I'm flying! Oh wow, wow! I'm in a different planet, man! I'm in outer space! Guys, do you feel this? Do you feel this, guys? Guys? Huh, where did everybody... AAAAAH, WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?? OOOH MAN, please tell me you see that? Guys, do you see that? Becky, there's a lighthouse there, right? Right Becky? Steve? Oh god! OH GOD! Stay calm man, stay calm. You're up too high, there's no water around, no boats around. It's not a lighthouse, you idiot. They don't build lighthouses on mountains. It's the chems, haha! The chems, of course! I'll just close my eyes, and when I open them... three, two, one... NO! OH NO! NO NO NO NO NO! Where am I? Where am I?? WHERE AM I??


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