What Atom Requires

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For the similarly named holotape, see What Atom requires.
What Atom Requires
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Quest data
LocationThe Nucleus
Given ByRichter
Editor IDDLC03CoA_QuestPointers
Base IDxx0500e4
Related quests
Visions in the Fog
leads to:
The Trial of Brother Devin
The Heretic
Witch Hunt

What Atom Requires is a main quest in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.


To truly become a member of the Cult, for good or bad, the Survivor needs to help several Children in their tasks.


  1. The quests starts automatically. It's a pointer quest, completed by solving:
  2. The Trial of Brother Devin (Zealot Ware)
  3. The Heretic (Grand Zealot Richter)
  4. Ablutions (Sister Mai)
  5. Witch Hunt (High Confessor Tektus)
  6. The quest completes and grants an experience reward.

Quest stages

Status Stage Description
Help the Children of Atom I've joined the Children of Atom. If I want to really earn a place for myself in this family, it'd probably be worth asking around to see if anyone could use my help.
(Optional) Assist the Grand Zealot
(Optional) Show the Icon to the High Confessor
(Optional) Help Sister Mai
(Optional) Help Zealot Ware
(Optional) Help the High Confessor
I've aided the brothers and sisters of the Nucleus, proving my worth to Atom and his Children.
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