Westin Ranch

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Westin Ranch
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Westin Ranch is a large, private residence of Councilman Roger Westin, located in the western part of Shady Sands.


Westin's estate is under governmental protection. Access to Roger Westin is limited first by a Police sentry who will only let in people who are expected or have the proper credentials. Sheriff Dumont can recommend the player for work. Alternatively, the player character can have low intelligence, which will cause the sentry to let them in, as Westin apparently has a soft spot for the handicapped.

Notably, Westin's ranch has running water, its own purifier, and even a forcefield, highlighting Westin's wealth and influence.


Ranch House (Roger Westin and Felix)Stables (Saltbeef)
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Although there are four buildings in the ranch, only two are important. The largest, the ranch house, has all the amenities a wealthy brahmin baron needs, including a large bedroom, capacious kitchen, and large living room. Westin spends his time at his desk. Access to the building is restricted by Felix, who has to clear all visitors for entrance.

The other are the stables, located near the entry arch. Inside, the player can find Saltbeef, a drunkard working for Westin who can help them find Vault 13, or so he claims.

The other buildings house the necessary facilities of the ranch, including a water purifier, storehouse for agricultural tools, space for farmhands to sleep in, and other necessities.





Westin Ranch appears only in Fallout 2.