Well Rested (perk)

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For the condition in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, see Well Rested.
Well Rested
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Fallout 4
RequirementsSleeping in a bed
Effects+10% XP for 8 hours
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You had a great sleep, and feel alert and invigorated! +10% XP earned for a limited time.

Well Rested is a temporary perk in Fallout 4. The Well Rested effect is no longer a condition, but now a temporary perk and is obtained much the same way as before but can be earned by sleeping in any bed, purchased or unowned.


After sleeping in a bed for a good amount of time, earn +10 XP earned for 8 hours.


If sleeping while in the company of a companion you're in a romantic relationship, the Sole Survivor will receive the Lover's Embrace perk instead of Well Rested.