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For the welding helmet in Fallout 4, see Welding helmet (Fallout 4).
Welding helmet
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The welding helmet is a piece of headwear in Fallout: New Vegas.


It provides a damage threshold of 2 and can be repaired with raider helmets.


  • Cook-Cook will sometime wear it.
  • Worn by four Boomer welders. These welders only appear after you have completed Volare!, whereupon they are found working on the B-29. They are on high scaffolding and are hard to reach. If they are killed, though, they may fall off the scaffolding to the floor, where you can loot them. It is also possible to reach the scaffolding with item stacking and patience. They can also be reverse pickpocketed when one of the Boomers stands close enough to the scaffold's edge.