We Have Failed

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We Have Failed
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We Have Failed is a voice holotape in Fallout 76.


  • Random encounter with PRC Scientist skeleton. Found in the doctor's bag next to the skeleton.



PRC Scientist: I leave a message for my comrades - assuming any are left. If not, our mission has failed. My only solace is that the capitalist dogs are doomed as well. When the bombs hit, it was clear we had failed the primary directive. Station Chief Xi ordered us to disperse and blend with the local populace.

This... has been challenging.
I do not understand the people of this country, nor do I care to. I miss my people, the Motherland, and... I grow weary. If I am wrong... maybe it is not too late to advance our work at Fujiniya. I will not be around to find out. Forgive me. Hail the People's Republic! *Gunshot*

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