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Wattz Consumer Electronics
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Map MarkerWattz Consumer Electronics
FactionsWattz Electronics (defunct)
Cell NameWattzExt01
Wattz01 (interior)
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0006e873 (interior)

Wattz Consumer Electronics (erroneously referred to as Wattz Used Electronics in a Variable Removal quest) is a location in the Commonwealth.


This electronics and robotics store was operated by the Wattz Electronics corporation before the Great War.[1] Although this store prominently sold Wattz products, it also purchased its stock from other companies, such as General Atomics International and Radiation King.[2][3][4]

The store's manager, Mr. Felix, however also had an alternate way to stock the shelves – dealing under the table for stolen goods. The last such shipment was on October 10, 2077. The deal itself was worked out around the week before, between Mr. Felix and Malcolm. The shipment and the payment was separated, after the shipment was sent the payment was left at the agreed upon dead drop sight.[5]

The shipment arrived the night of October 10, supervisor Ralph Cadey and a few of the loading staff were there to receive it.[6] The robots themselves were meant to be displayed as demo models to entice shoppers for further sales, but before this to be done, the robots military protocols had to be disabled. To this end, Mr. Felix gave the job to Cooper, a computer technician of the store.

Disabling the programs was not as easy a thing to do as Mr. Felix had expected. In Mr. Felix's opinion, the job was taking a longer than it should have, leading to him berating Cooper, accusing him of reading comics and playing games instead of doing their job and that Cooper needed to grow up and be a team player.[7] Fed up with the hostility, Cooper decided to quit and left the protocols unaltered, as well as a very nasty worded goodbye message for Felix which doubled as the inoperable disable command on his terminal.[8][9]

On the morning of October 23, 2077 the Great War killed the staff present at work.[10] Despite the large electromagnetic pulses that resulted from the nuclear detonations, the robots in the store remain undamaged. Although time has been kind to the robots, that same can't be said of the building. The interior walls of the building have been crumbling and the showroom floor collapsed into the basement warehouse.


The ground floor is mostly collapsed, exposing the basement below; near the front of the store are a couple check-out lanes, and the Advanced-locked delicate merchandise room; above this room is an Expert-locked security gate. Beyond the shelves in the center of the floor are some bathrooms, an employee break room and a staircase leading up to a supervisory office. A doorway in the northeast corner leads down to the basement.

The majority of the basement is storage space, filled with shipping containers. Against the northern wall is a doorway leading to the server room; an armor workbench is outside this room as well.

Notable loot

  • The Control Robots edition of Total Hack is located on the terminal desk beside the northern wall of the basement server room.
  • There is a mini nuke and a Stealth Boy in the Expert-locked security gate on the ground floor.

Behind the scenes

This location's entry in the Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Collector's Edition publishes several erroneous statements. These include claiming that the robots were reactivated by the electromagnetic pulse and wander the shop in demo mode. Furthermore, it claims that the robots would become hostile if the player were to tinker with the terminals or safes, and that if the player wishes to acquire the issue of Total Hack, they would need to utilize the terminal in the server room.[1] This implies that developers had other plans for this area, but changed them between the time the guide was written and the game was released.


Wattz Consumer Electronics appears only in Fallout 4.



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