Watoga High School

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Watoga High School
F76 Watoga High 1.pngF76 Watoga High 2.png
Part ofWatoga, Cranberry Bog
  • Scorched
  • Robots
  • Super mutants
  • Chance for normal spawns
  • Chance for scorched variant spawns
  • Technical
  • Large loot scale
  • White Collar theme
  • Fast travel destination
  • Cranberry Bog location
  • Interior cell
  • TerminalsWatoga High School terminals

    Watoga High School is a location in Fallout 76.


    Once the heart of Watoga's school system, Watoga High was notable for its excellent quality of technical education and a history curriculum best characterized as corporate propaganda, focusing on RobCo Industries and Vault-Tec Corporation as giants of the American economy.[1] In keeping with the principles of individual liberty and happiness, the school also mandated a strict uniform policy, restrictive nutrition guidelines, and in cases of costume-centric events like Halloween, an Appropriate Costume Policy.[2] Protectrons were stationed throughout the school to enforce the policies, which included scanning all incoming packages - something the older kids, smuggling in moonshine from holdouts not yet ejected by the corporate goons, learned the hard way.[3]

    The school was one of several participating in the pilot Sugar Management and Re-education Terminal program (SMART) launched by the Federal Fitness Registry and RobCo Industries, allowing students to trade in candy in exchange for a variety of items vetted by professional educators and fitness experts with the goal of fostering physical and/or academic development. Ostensibly, by helping them learn to make SMART choices about their diets and exercising, the program was to ensure a strong and reliable citizenry, able to adapt and thrive in these difficult times (and obey authority).[4]

    Points of interest

    • The Watoga High School is located to the southeast of the city, just next to Watoga Station. Access is possible through either the front door, leading directly into the lobby, and the side stairwell that leads to the roof.
    • The interior of the high school has two floors, oriented around the main lobby with a bronze lion statue. Just next to the main entrance is a main stairwell that leads to the roof. From the lobby, exits lead into all the four cardinal directions.
    • The northern half of the building contains the teachers office and headmaster's office, as well as the two-level auditorium on the ground floor, and the wardrobe for pupils appearing in the play. The curtain can be moved up and down from the booth or using buttons on the support columns, while the upper floor can be accessed through a staircase leading to the upper viewing box. The upper floor on the northern half contains the restrooms, break room for teachers, and the science lab with chemistry stations.
    • The eastern part of the building includes a curved dining area for pupils and teachers that connects the main staircases leading to the upper floor and the two halves of the building. There is also the newly renovated (for 2077, at least) art gallery, with a robobrain teacher still milling about and examples of the pupils' artistic skills.
    • The southern half of the building includes the two-floor library, the CS lab, and the cafeteria in the eastern corner, which also includes the High School's steamer trunk. On the upper floor are the library mezzanine, the history class room, and the cafeteria's balcony.

    Notable loot

    Power armor
    • On the roof, southeastern corner.
    • On the curved desk, to the left of the Headmaster's Terminal (2), inside the Headmaster's Office (interior).
    • In the fridge, in the kitchen adjacent to the cafeteria (interior).
    • On one of the long wooden art tables, in the Art Studio (ground floor, interior).
    • On the long desk with the green chair and destroyed terminal, in the Director's Office behind the seating in the auditorium (interior).
    • On the air conditioning duct, adjacent to the rooftop tent and sleeping bags camp, in the middle of the roof (exterior).
    • Roof, northeastern corner.
    • Ground floor, in the library.
    • Ground floor, dining area, bu the northern staircase.
    • Upper floor, in the teachers' break room, northeast.
    • Upper floor, history classroom.
    Dynamic spawns


    Watoga High School appears in Fallout 76.