Wastelander lake hideout

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Wastelander lake hideout
Wasteland lake hideout.jpg
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Map MarkerNone (nearest: Oasis)
Cell NameWilderness (-9, 30)
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The wastelander lake hideout is a small camp in the northern part of the Capital Wasteland.


The hideout is to the is west-southwest of Oasis and north-northeast of MDPL-21 power station in the rocky hills. It lies across a moderately radioactive body of water. Protected by a cliff and a hollow shipping container, the hideout is composed of a mattress on the ground, a table and an average-locked safe. Several chems are strewn about the enclosure. The corpse of a scientist wearing a radiation suit can be found next to a dead wastelander, both lying in blood. A lone raider is also found a few feet away from the bodies, face down in the water.

Notable loot


The wastelander lake hideout appears only in Fallout 3.