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Wasteland Workshop
FO4 Add-On Pack FINAL WASTELAND Agnostic EN 1455633177.jpg
DeveloperBethesda Game Studios
PublisherBethesda Softworks
Release date
PCApril 12, 2016
Xbox OneApril 12, 2016
April 19, 2016 (Asia)
PlayStation 4April 12, 2016
April 19, 2016 (Asia)
Xbox OneXbox One Store
PlayStation 4PlayStation Network

With the Wasteland Workshop, design and set cages to capture live creatures – from raiders to Deathclaws! Tame them or have them face off in battle, even against your fellow settlers. The Wasteland Workshop also includes a suite of new design options for your settlements like nixie tube lighting, letter kits, taxidermy and more!

— Official description

Wasteland Workshop is the second add-on for Fallout 4, developed and published by Bethesda Softworks.


Release and availability

Wasteland Workshop was released on April 12, 2016 for all consoles, and costs $4.99.


This add-on focuses on adding several more features to better facilitate the production and protection of one's settlement, such as building plots of ground for crops, and many more new traps and defenses. The add-on also features designing and building cages to capture live creatures, ranging from raiders to deathclaws. These creatures can then be tamed, or allowed to face off in battle, even against one's own settlers.

Settlement structures

Cages and other structures

Small cages
Image Name Traps: Materials needed
Cat cage Cat Steel x6, copper x1, Softshell mirelurk meat x2
Dog cage Dog Steel x6, copper x1, Canned dog food x3
Mole rat cage Mole rat Steel x6, copper x1, Radroach meat x4
Mutant hound cage Mutant hound Steel x6, copper x1, Brahmin meat x2
Medium cages
Image Name Traps: Materials needed
Feral ghoul cage Feral ghoul Steel x10, copper x2, mongrel dog meat x2
Gorilla cage Gorilla Steel x16, copper x4, Gear x4, wild mutfruit x5
Gunner cage Gunner Steel x10, copper x2, bottle caps x500
Insect cage Bloatfly, bloodbug, radroach, and stingwing Steel x10, copper x2, mole rat meat x4
Raider cage Raider Steel x10, Copper x2, Jet x6
Super mutant cage Super mutant Steel x10, copper x2, brahmin meat x5
Large cages
Image Name Traps: Materials needed
Brahmin cage Brahmin Steel x16, copper x4, gear x4, razorgrain x4
Deatclaw cage Deathclaw Steel x16, copper x4, Gear x4, yao gaui meat x4
Mirelurk cage Mirelurk Steel x16, copper x4, gear x4, mirelurk egg x4
Radscorpion cage Radscorpion Steel x16, copper x4, gear x4, stingwing meat x4
Radstag cage Radstag Steel x16, Copper x4, gear x4, carrot x4
Yao guai cage Yao guai Steel x16, copper x4, gear x4, radstag meat x4
Image Name Effect Materials needed
Arena contestant - Blue Team Settlers assigned to this will be hostile to Red Team arena contestants, as well as tamed captured creatures. Steel x10, wood x4
Arena contestant - Red Team Settlers assigned to this will be hostile to Blue Team arena contestants, as well as tamed captured creatures. Steel x10, wood x4
Image Name Effect Materials needed Perks needed
Beta wave emitter Creatures released from cages while this is turn on will be non-aggressive toward you and your settlers. Aluminum x8, circuitry x3, copper x5, crystal x4, nuclear material x5, rubber x2 Animal Friend Rank I
Wasteland Whisperer Rank I
Quitting time siren Calls nearby settlers to relax when turned on. Circuitry x2, copper x3, glass x3, rubber x1, steel x12 -


Image Name Effect Material needed
Trap door Trap door opens when something steps on it. Wood x6, steel x2, screw x4
Powered spike trap When powered, impaling spikes are released. Aluminum x5, circuitry x1, screw x3, spring x2, wood x2
Spring trap Spring-loaded impaling trap Aluminum x5, screw x3, spring x2, wood x2
Sawblade trap When powered, spinning blades move across the track. Aluminum x10, circuitry x2, gear x2, spring x4, wood x2
Spike trap Pressure plate with embedded spikes Concrete x6, gear x3, spring x3, steel x9

Other structures

A new division of settlement structures have also been added that can be built from concrete, including a wide variety of floors, walls, roofs, stairs, and railings. There are also two derelict buses models and a truck trailer that can be built and inhabited. They can potentially be used around the perimeter as part of the wall. Useful in making non-arable land and non-bare ground more productive, garden plots and powered water pumps have been added to the resource section of the settlement management menu, allowing food and water to be gathered from anywhere within the settlement. A high tier fusion generator that produces 100 power is available for players with Science! 4. There's also a decontamination arch that removes all radiation for free.

There also several new decorations, included wall mounts for every other creature not included in the base game, in addition to plate lettering and neon signs in a variety of colors. Several new light sources are also added.


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Image Name Requirement Achievement points Trophy type
[[File:|50px]] Docile Have 5 tamed creatures in a settlement 20  
[[File:|50px]] Instigator Start a spectated arena fight in a settlement 20  
[[File:|50px]] Trapper Build one of every cage type 20