Wasted on Nukashine

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Wasted on Nukashine
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Quest data
Given ByBiv
RewardPlans for the brewing station and fermenter
Unlocks new repeatable quests
Related quests
Wasted on Alcohol
Tipsy Taste-Test

Wasted on Nukashine is a quest in Fallout 76.


It seems that the Pi Mu Fraternity of the Vault-Tec University had one last party before the Great War, a party that included a beverage so powerful that it... Killed everyone? The Vault 76 dwellers don't know how to leave well enough alone, it seems, so an investigation is in order.


  • This is the first new quest added as part of Wild Appalachia. To start, players have to either track down one of the Pi Mu posters advertising the shindig, plastered all over VTU, Morgantown, and several bus stops, or grab the free poster from the Atomic Shop, place it in a workshop or CAMP, then interact with it. The trail leads to a fraternity house in Morgantown, filled with remains of students, killed by an impossibly strong beverage.
  • Players need to investigate the crime scene and especially Ted Dorfman's terminal (the chapter president), which will mention the Nukashine. There will be a bottle laying among the remains, so the logical next step is to drink it.
  • After the... Experience, inspect the label and track down the source of the Nukashine, to the speakeasy near the University. Biv the Robobrain will be there, still quality-testing alcohol. It will give the player half the recipe of the Nukashine. The other will have to be located through the president of the Eta Psi Greek Society and the speakeasy's owner. The password to the speakeasy's storage room is on her computer terminal, in the fraternity house.
  • After collecting both parts of the recipe, players need to find the ingredients (5 wood, 2 boiled water, 5 corn, 5 razorgrain, 1 Nuka-Cola Quantum, 3 nuclear material) and use a brewing station to craft a batch. Nukashine will need to ferment, so players have to either wait or use the Flash-Fermenter at the speakeasy.
  • After Nukashine is ready, all that remains is giving it to Biv. This completes the quest and unlocks two repeatable quests: Wasted on Alcohol (unlocks new alcohol crafting recipes) and Tipsy Taste-Test (for experiencing the crafted alcohols).