Waste Management

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Waste Management
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Quest data
LocationHarpers Ferry, The Burrows
Given ByBurrows Mission Brief
  • The Gutter
  • Random Mire consumables and ammunition
  • 40 caps
Editor IDP01B_Burrows
Base ID00000000

Waste Management is a quest in Fallout 76.


The Burrows was a communal village of people living beneath Harpers Ferry, in the stormwater tunnels. Vault 76 dwellers can investigate to reconstruct the history of the area...


  • This overarching quest tasks the player with finding out what happened to the Burrows. It can be started by collecting the Burrows Mission Brief from dead Brotherhood soldiers at either entrance. It seems Squad Romeo was sent there to investigate robots...
  • Players have to navigate their way through the tunnels until the find the Central Chamber. The next step is accessing the old tunnels, on the eastern end of the chamber. To open them, players need the key, located on the opposite, western end of the Central Chamber, in the throne room, on the back nightstand.
  • In the old tunnels, the next obstacle is the security door to the pump station. To open it, players need to turn the valve at the northern dead end, accessible through a branch just off the main corridor.
  • Inside, the final step is finding the central robot control room, circumnavigating the pump station. Once players enter, robots will spawn and the final task is to dispose of them. Once they're destroyed, the quest ends and players are rewarded with the unique The Gutter and associated items.