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Biography and appearance
GenderPlayer's choice
AffiliationEastern Brotherhood of Steel
RolePlayer character
Mini-FOT Logo.pngThe following is based on Fallout Tactics and some details might contradict canon.

The Warrior is the player character of Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel. The player can create their own Warrior or choose a premade character: Mick, Snake, Peter, Betty, or Wilma


Little is known about the background of the Warrior. When the Brotherhood's surviving zeppelin crashed on the outskirts of Chicago, they were drafted from the tribal population in the surrounding area to bolster the Brotherhood's ranks. Training and operating under General Simon Barnaky, the Warrior survived the grueling training and were deployed against the raider tribes pushed east by losses incurred in battles with long range scouts of the Calculator.[1] The order used the attacks to coerce the tribes into accepting the Brotherhood's protection, imposing quotas of food and recruits.[2]

The campaign against the raiders culminated in the assault on Rock Falls led by the Warrior and his squad, completing their initiation. the Brotherhood decided to expand south, following the Illinois river. The objective was to expand new bunkers and bring local tribes and settlements to heel.[3][4] In their new base of operations, the Warrior was dispatched to the ruined city of Macomb, where a single Hummer carrying supplies was separated from the main convoy and cornered by enemy forces.[5] Their squad penetrated enemy defenses, secured the Hummer, and safely escorted it through the city. The next assignment was the recovery of rare fusion batteries from Peoria, necessary to power the arsenal of the Brotherhood.[6] The Warrior soon found themselves on the frontline again, as the city of Quincy petitioned the Brotherhood for protection from the Beastlords, an unique tribe of mutants indigenous to the area, capable of controlling wild animals. The Brotherhood immediately deployed the Warrior's squad to relieve the city and secure its allegiance.[7] The success of the squad also brought to the Brotherhood's attention the true nature of the Beastlords and their savage traditions, including cannibalism. The decision was made to exterminate them.[8] Immediately afterwards, they were deployed to Mardin to destroy the cannibals and remove the last obstacle lying in the way of the Brotherhood's expansion.[9] The squad was successful and the Beastlords were destroyed, including their leader, Emperor Daarr. The victory has sealed the Brotherhood's control over the region, with towns voluntarily submitting to Brotherhood rule and donating resources and recruits. The only downside was the fact that the Beastlord ability could not be weaponized by the Brotherhood, as it only developed under the unique Mardin radiation and even then, only after prolonged exponsure for over twenty years.[10]

Entering the Belt

With the death of Dar, the Brotherhood's expansion along the Illinois completed and it pushed west, into a region known as The Belt. This grim, desolate land was a wasteland in every sense of the word. It still bore the scars of the war, with death lurking behind every corner and treasures hidden amid the devastation.[11] The Brotherhood soon clashed with the remnants of the supermutant army on April 6th, 2197. Unbeknownst to the Brotherhood, the supermutants were organized into a true army by one of their own, Paladin Latham, thought lost with the crashed zeppelin. Under his leadership, the supermutants were more than a match for the Brotherhood.[12] As Latham was responsible for laying down many of the procedures the Brotherhood used every day, the mutants were able to counter battle tactics and reconnaissance efforts with ease.[13] During the first large scale battle between the Army and the Brotherhood, at St. Louis, the mutants were able to rout the enemy forces and entirely destroy six out of eight veteran squads committed to the battle. General Simon Barnaky participated in the battle directly, but was captured in combat. The Warrior was deployed to evacuate any survivors. They managed to rescue the decimated Talon Squad under the command of Paladin Emerald Solo.[14][15] including the capture of General Simon Barnaky. Subsequent attacks included the death of most of Brotherhood's intelligence operatives, stunting the organization's reconnaissance records.[16]

However, although the Brotherhood reeled from the supermutant attacks, suffering devastating losses, it did not surrender. With a much more powerful industrial base and source of man power, in the form of villages and towns annexed by the Brotherhood, they held the line and managed to secure several victories against the supermutants. The Warrior was instrumental in securing the superiority of the Brotherhood, including the successful defense of Kansas City and the recovery of a nuclear warhead in working condition.[17] and the conquest of Jefferson City, along with Latham's research project into curing supermutant sterility.[18]

The Warrior was ultimately deployed to Osceolla when the Brotherhood learned that Gammorin was, in fact, Paladin Latham. Due to his actions against the Brotherhood, the former Paladin was sentenced to death for treason and to cull the security risk he posed.[19] He was confronted by the squad in his bunker (a situation he expected),[20] and slain by the Warrior's squad in honorable combat.[21] His army disintegrated, splitting into warring factions, vying for control. A number of supermutants joined the Brotherhood, continuing to serve a higher cause. Latham's legacy was not forgotten.[22]

War with the Robots

There was no rest for the Warrior. The Brotherhood pushed further west, intent on confronting the robotic menace that terrified the raiders and Gammorin's Army so. The highest concentration of robots was located in Colorado Springs, where the fabled Vault 0 was supposed to lie. More information was needed.[23] After establishing a surface base at Bunker Delta, the Warrior was sent to Junction City, to investigate reports of a victory over one of the Calculator's robots. The Brotherhood also wanted to intercept the Reaver Movement, which set its sights on acquiring the devices.[24] Upon recovering the parts, the Brotherhood learned that the robot was already severely damaged by the time it entered the settlement and exploded due to its power source overloading.[25]

Information recovered from the robot and recon efforts by the rebuilt intelligence wing of the Brotherhood allowed it to track down the source of the robot. It was tracked to the pre-War center of industry known as Great Bend. The ruined city was identified as a potential robot manufacturing plant, in the process of being established. The Warrior was dispatched to search the area and destroy any robots they find.[26] The squad managed to infiltrate the city and remove the robot presence. Thanks to the fact that the command robot (a pacification bot) was damaged, the artificial terrors could only offer limited resistance. Brotherhood squads Smear and Falcon booby trapped the area to deny the robots a potential manufacturing plant.[27] However, the Brotherhood's offensive was slowed by treason. The Warrior's squad that formed the spearhead of the offensive was recalled from the frontlines to deal with a domestic issue: A group of Quincy inhabitants under Guldo Sciavo's leadership managed to steal equipment, a Brotherhood vehicle, and several suits of power armor from a Brotherhood weapons depot at Quincy, after poisoning the guards. The Elders judged them guilty of high treason and sentenced them to death in absentia. The Warrior was sent to carry out the verdict.[28] After navigating the independent town, the squad managed to destroy the Red Stingers and their leader.[29]

In the Warrior's absence, events have taken a strange turn. The Reaver Movement contacted the Brotherhood with a desperate plea for help. Their war against the Calculator has gone badly, with the only remaining stronghold in Newton under constant assault by the robots. While the Brotherhood would normally allow the Robots to wipe out the Reavers, the Movement offered to trade their knowledge of pre-War Yuma Flats Energy Consortium designs, in exchange for the rescue of the main Reaver leaders from Newton. The Warrior's squad was deployed on a search and rescue mission.[30] The mission succeeded and the Reaver officials were moved to Brotherhood bases under armed escort, while the surviving members of the Movement were placed in internment camps for interrogation. The Elders eventually allowed them to join the Brotherhood. However, the deployment also highlighted a troubling development: The robots started taking prisoners.[31]

Finally, the war with the Calculator entered its final phase with the establishment of Bunker Epsilon. The Warrior and his squad became an integral point of the Brotherhood's strategy. Outmatched severely by the Calculator, the Brotherhood had to carefully plan and structure their attacks to weaken the robotic menace first. The first operation carried out in the new territory was directed at a robot repair station in Canyon City, to destroy a vital piece of the infrastructure.[32] The assault was combined with attacks by Dagger and Tusk squads on smaller repair stations in the area. The success severely reduced the Calculator's ability to project power in that part of the region. The Brotherhood immediately formulated further attack plans, to exploit this opportunity, even as the revelation that the Calculator was an automaton, not an AI, spread among the command corps.[33]

The next attack focused on a newly discovered nuclear power plant supplying the robotic army with power. As the Brotherhood was far too successful in its war against the robots to be ignored, the assignment given to the Warrior was simple: Search and destroy.[34] The success of the mission was tremendous. With their power supply cut, the Calculator was only able to leverage Vault 0's own power source for robot manufacturing, slowing its war machine down, while the destruction of the facility's manufacturing facilities scattered its plans. However, the Brotherhood also realized that the ultimate goal of the machine was nothing less than total genocide, the removal of any humans deviating from its programmed definition of one. Worse, as it was not an AI, but simply a machine that ticked off its programmed priorities, reasoning with it was impossible. The Brotherhood was the only thing standing in its way, a small group completely unsuited for a total war with an enemy seemingly without number.[35]

End days

The final assault on Vault 0 and Cheyenne Mountain was delayed to deal with a critical security risk. As the Brotherhood was unable to match the Calculator and his robots in the field, it relied on hit-and-run tactics to retain initiative without sacrificing men or revealing its bases. However, Bartholomew Kerr, a merchant in good standing with the Brotherhood who sold his wares at the organization's primary bunkers, was captured by robots and taken to Scott City. His knowledge of Brotherhood bases and their populations could prove the death of the Brotherhood. The Warrior was dispatched with a grim mission, to neutralize him.[36] The mission was a success, though it left the Brotherhood traumatized. Scott City was the local "interrogation" base. Captives were tortured for information and then their brains were removed for further information retrieval. Apart from a mass grave containing over 300 dead bodies, the Brotherhood located the body of General Barnaky, tortured and lobotomized just hours before the Brotherhood squads hit the city. The potential of the Calculator accessing his knowledge forced the Brotherhood's hand.[37]

The Brotherhood resorted to a desperate, bold plan: A direct attackon Cheyenne mountain, with the Warrior leading the charge and Dagger squad providing backup. Vault 0 was breached with the Kansas City warhead detonated at point blank range, right in front of the Vault's massive blast door. The squads pushed deep into the Vault, to find and destroy the Calculator.[38] As the squads pushed into the Vault, the Calculator mounted the offensive that the Brotherhood feared. A spearhead of six Behemoth-class robots supported by a large number of pacification robots were committed to the assault on bunker Epsilon, with hundreds of other robots simultaneously engaging survivor communities along the front. The Warrior was facing victory or extinction.[39] Penetrating the lower levels of the Vault, the Brotherhood squad met the transformed General Barnaky, now bound to the sterile shell of a combat brainbot. After successfully dealing with the once-great General, the squad confronted the Calculator and managed to destroy the brains that formed the organic part of its computational matrix, corrupting 85% of the main protocol programming.[40]

The Calculator pleaded with the Warrior to sacrifice themselves and help stabilize the network, in exchange for becoming the leader of the robotic army. But the Warrior refused and destroyed the machine, disabling the entire robotic army in mid-step, preventing the second holocaust of humanity. After the smoke cleared, the Brotherhood devoted time to rebuilding its massive losses. The ruined Vault 0 was claimed as its main base of operations, while the remaining forces rallied. The weak Brotherhood found itself at odds with opportunistic raiders, fighting a guerrilla war against the military order and its realm. The Brotherhood suffers major setbacks, losing outposts and men as it consolidates its power base. Eventually, it manages to prevail and form close bonds with the peoples under its protection, creating a new regime under the command the Warrior, now a General of the Brotherhood. Humanity begins to prosper under his care and leadership.[41]


The Warrior appears only in Fallout Tactics.


  1. Freeport debriefing: "One bit of information was learned. It seems some bandit groups are meeting some kind of opposition in the West. We didn't get any details, but the raiders have never won a conflict with this new presence. This could be just fearful mutterings of superstitious raiders, but it would give reason to their heightened activities in this region. The Brotherhood must investigate this new possible threat."
  2. Brahmin Wood mission briefing: "Two nights ago, raiders invaded the resource rich tribal village of Brahmin Wood. Their losses have been heavy and they are now ready to accept the Brotherhood's conditions for protection. We will return their lands and rescue these primitive people in exchange for food and a portion of their older children for new recruits. We must expand our ranks to meet our objectives, which makes every village count.
    I don't know what is driving the raiders this close to our base of operations, but they have been punishing the surrounding area. Brahmin Wood is one of many villages that is now occupied by raiders. The inhabitants that did not escape, have been slain or imprisoned. Make no mistake Initiate, they have killed a fair amount of our Brothers. Do not underestimate them."
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    They planned to follow the roaring river to the south, forging alliances, gaining fresh recruits and if necessary eliminating aggressors. Bunkers will be established in each new region, to firmly establish a secure area of operations. When the Brotherhood's rule in the region is undisputed and their ranks are brimming with new recruits the real campaign will begin, heading back towards the mountains."
  5. Macomb briefing: "At ease, Initiate. As you know, the Brotherhood has been expanding south. However, our supply lines are thin and thus being targeted by all sorts of bandits and raiders.
    We have received a distress call from one of our squads acting as escort to a supply wagon passing through the town of Macomb. A single unit has been separated from the main group and the road behind him has been blocked off.
    Our warrior is holding the fort for now, but he could fall at any minute. He needs immediate backup.
    Your mission is to journey to Macomb and relieve the survivor of his duty. You are then to escort the supply vehicle through the town.
    Keep in mind that not only bandits will attack our supply trains. The vast majority of the surrounding populace are hungry and desperate. Our supply wagons carry food, weapons, and medical supplies - the three most sought after commodities in the Wasteland."
  6. Peoria briefing: "As you know, the Brotherhood maintains a vast arsenal of weaponry and armor.
    Most of our equipment consists of the usual conventional assortment. However, some of our more advanced equipment requires Fusion Batteries to function.
    Until we regain the technology to manufacture our own batteries, we must acquire these power sources elsewhere.\n\n
    This mission centers on a tribal village in the area of Peoria. Intelligence reports that the tribals built their village over a pre-war storehouse of fusion batteries. While they guard these batteries zealously, it is doubtful that they understand their function."
  7. Quincy briefing: "Recently, the township of Quincy has petitioned the Brotherhood for protection from a large group of savages called Beastlords. This threat is unique, because their raiding parties include various monsters from the Wasteland; most notably, the deadly Deathclaw.
    The mayor's assistant, Arlene Turling, warned us that these Beastlords have taken over certain parts of Quincy and are using hostages to ensure they have control over the rest of the town. We believe that Mayor Hillary Eastwood is among those captured.
    Your mission is to rescue the mayor and assist in dealing with the Beastlords. Saving the mayor is your first priority. After that, you may decide on how best to neutralize the Beastlord hold on the town. Remember, we want Quincy to be an ally to the Brotherhood, so keeping the town as unscathed as possible is of high priority."
  8. Quincy debriefing: "All new information reports that the Beastlords join their monster associates in the consumption of human flesh. This abomination will not be tolerated anywhere within the reach of Brotherhood forces and will be dealt with permanently, soon enough."
  9. Mardin briefing: "We now know that the Beastlords' lair lies within an underground labyrinth in the region of Mardin. The cannibals have delayed our expansion long enough. Your primary objective is to crush these abominations so the Brotherhood can move on.
    Our scribes believe that they have found something that might help your mission. They think that the Beastlords are somehow controlling the monsters in the raiding parties. It is believed that control over the creatures is achieved through some form of symbiosis, or possibly even telepathic suggestion. What doesn't add up is how they can control intelligent Deathclaws, since the scribes' studies insist that only creatures of base intelligence would succumb to the controlling force."
  10. Mardin debriefing: "The Beastlords have been eliminated and the monsters are no longer under their control. News of our victory has already reached the surrounding towns. The Brotherhood's reputation alone will now have new recruits flocking to our front door.
    Our scribes were correct on the Beastlords' relationship with their animal lackeys. The Beastlords inherent telepathic suggestion is a unique ability. It is acquired through prolonged exposure to an unknown radiation present within Mardin's underground caves.
    Unfortunately, we will not be able to duplicate this feat. The scribes explained that this unique mutation only manifests in humans that have been exposed for at least twenty years. But, it is of little matter, since science and discipline will always be victorious over ungodly mutation."
  11. Fallout Tactics chapter endings: "The Brotherhood's ranks have grown, and with this swell of numbers they find themselves coming closer to the ultimate goal the time to expand is now. Leaving an outpost behind the warriors begin moving westward into a region known as the Belt. It is a scarred and desolate land, filled with death and relics of a time before. Those who dwell here have scraped together a bleak existence built on blood and grim determination; these isolated people are as hard as any in the wasteland. Pressuring these people to join the ranks of the Brotherhood will not be easy, many will not understand the Brotherhood's glorious vision to reunite the people, some resistance is expected.
    While the inhabitants are dangerous, the land itself has the power to stir up fearful memories in some of the Generals and Elders. They tell of the ill fated flight across the mountains, and how their mighty airships were torn apart. Old law and surviving data suggests that at least one of the great Brotherhood zeppelins was lost in this very region; if it were located there is a chance that the equipment and supplies contained could be salvaged and returned to the noble purpose for which they were intended. There might even be survivors, but few hold any real hope of this, only time will tell."
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    My scouts engaged an enemy today. The sound of chain guns and explosions hasting my steps. What I observed in that fight changed me to the core of my being.
    My mutant scouts were engaged by a Brotherhood patrol. For the first time in my life, I was frozen in battle.
    I watched, curious even, tribal looking Brotherhood soldiers laughing manically as they cut down my new companions.
    My mutant companions, who dedicated their life to me as their leader. I lifted my weapon then, and fired again and again.
    When it was over, with Brotherhood corpses littering the ground, my head suddenly cleared. I now know my purpose and, more importantly, I finally know who I am.
    I am Gammorin - sworn enemy of the Menace from the West."
  13. Osceolla mission briefing: "This revelation explains how the Super Mutants were able to counter our battle tactics and reconnaissance efforts, as Paladin Latham wrote many of the procedures that we use today. At first, we believed the mutants had successfully interrogated General Barnaky. But records prove that our methods were compromised before the general fell into enemy hands."
  14. St. Louis briefing: "At 0900 yesterday, while on patrol, Fang Squad encountered a large contingent of heavily armed Super-Mutants in the region known as St. Louis. They fought bravely against this overwhelming force and managed to radio in a distress call right before they were annihilated.
    Eight battle-hardened squads led by General Barnaky rushed to the scene and are now in pitched combat with the Super-Mutants. While we were able to push them back initially, our losses have been staggering. As a result, we need to pull our forces out of there immediately. This battle is lost."
  15. St. Louis mission debriefing: "The Super-Mutant army destroyed a total of six full squads of our Brothers. This is a large setback for the Brotherhood, since those squads contained some of our finest veteran soldiers. We shall not forget our Brothers who fell in the line of duty, nor shall we let these feelings get in the way of our duty."
  16. Jefferson City briefing: "We have suffered another setback, Brother. Most of our Intelligence Operatives were killed in the surprise ambush last night. I can scarcely believe it myself, but we now have to accept the possibility that the Super Mutants are familiar with our covert methods.
    What is left of our intelligence ops, has discovered the location of one of the Super Mutant's staging areas. The mutants have a, semi-permanent military base in the rubble-strewn city of Jefferson. Additional reports describe multiple generators are supplying power directly to one large structure. Our scribes believe that this structure is a weapons manufacturing plant.
    You have two objectives to complete here, warrior. The first is to render all of these power generators permanently inoperative. Without power, their factory is useless. Your second objective is to force the mutants into a rout. If we can get them running, they'll lead us to either their main base or to General Barnaky."
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  19. Osceolla briefing:"Even now, many of the Elders are having trouble coming to terms with the fact that he has betrayed us and turned against the Order - but the truth must not be denied.
    Your first objective is to assassinate Gammorin. He is a dangerous man and his knowledge of our inner working could prove our undoing. Without his guidance, the Super-Mutants will lack the leadership and discipline to be a continual threat.
  20. Latham: "If they come, they'll only send one squad. Trust me."
  21. Latham: "I did not sacrifice my very identity to be beaten by those I strive to save! Ask yourself what you will gain by killing me?!
    Judge me not by my actions but by my goals!
    This undead enemy will not stop until all life has been extinguished!
    Why can't you see that?
  22. Osceolla debriefing: "Today is a day of joy and sorrow for the Brotherhood. Gammorin was a traitor, a murderer, and a deceiver, yet he was a Paladin. His brave deeds once brought much hope to the wasteland. Yet, something happened to him when the Great Storm ripped his airship from the Convoy and crashed it to the ground. From that moment, Gammorin was born, and the Brotherhood lost its favored son.
    With their leader dead, the mutants have split into factions. Some have turned to internal fighting as they wrestle for control, others have EVEN offered to join the Brotherhood. Though the mutant menace is far from ended, they are severely weakened. It will be some time before they gather their strength. Dagger Squad is out on patrol now hunting any mutant stragglers."
  23. Fallout Tactic chapter endings: "The Brotherhood's fears are confirmed, the robots now have multiple production factories around the wasteland. They are concentrated heavily around the great mountains, in a region known as Colorado Springs. This is the fabled location of Vault 0, which houses the mastermind behind the robot menace, the Calculator. Data from the Brotherhood research centre dates the origin of the robots before the war, that decimated the land, their purpose to help humanity crawl back from the brink of self destruction but the robots now seem to destroy the very humans they were created to save. They boast great strength and power and one factor seems certain, all life forms have become their prey.
    The Brotherhood has adapted to new enemies before however, and with the development of new weapons they will adapt again. Brotherhood tacticians and Generals will not be idle, for new enemies require new tactics, assault squads must be directed at the robot production and command centres that supply the Calculator's metallic ranks. The Brotherhood's predicted losses are staggering but what is life as a warrior without peril?"
  24. Junction City briefing: "Your next mission will bring you to Junction City, a mid sized town that has refused to form an alliance with the Brotherhood. Their independent posture has been recently reinforced by their victory over one of the robots late last night. Our Elders are quite curious how such a battle could be won, considering the lack of heavy weaponry involved. This is a riddle whose answer might be paramount for victory. See what you can find out.
    More important than this riddle is the retrieval of the robotic parts from the scene of the battle. We must understand how our enemy works in order to neutralize it and any robotic remnants might hold the key.
    Understand that the Reaver Movement has been launching probing attacks against Junction City. Our Elders believe that they are also searching for robotic pieces. Considering the Reavers zealously worship technology, their involvement comes as no surprise. Try forging a deal with the town's mayor - robot parts in exchange for protection from Reavers.
    We have one last task for you as well. Our senior mechanic, Cooter, died recently when he triggered an explosive booby trap on a retrieved Interceptor vehicle. His apprentice lacks the cognitive ability to fully assume the role, and in times like this, we can't have any malfunctioning vehicles involved during a high-risk mission. Intelligence reports that Junction City's mechanic is top notch, and might be persuaded to join the Brotherhood's cause. Find this mechanic and inform her of the wondrous opportunities the Brotherhood can offer."
  25. Junction City debriefing: "The robot pieces you retrieved match the device recovered from the raider base in Rock Falls. Our scribes are performing tests on them as we speak. Once we understand how they operate, we'll be able to defeat them more efficiently.
    Initial analysis indicates that the robot was already severely damaged from a previous fight with Super Mutants. This is confirmed by some of the less jubilant villagers description of the battle and the dried mutant blood we found congealed in some of the mechanical joints. Further inspection revealed that it's damaged power supply overloaded causing the explosion. If that class of robot was undamaged, it could easily wipe out ten of those villages without even blowing a gasket."
  26. Great Bend briefing: "The time to take the battle to the robots is now.
    Intelligence has located the origin of the robot that attacked Junction City and the tracks originated from a pre-war center of industry known as the Great Bend.
    As our operatives moved closer, they discovered many tracks from different robots all originating from this mass of burnt out factories. Lights were seen at a distance, so it's assumed that some of the old power generators are now back on-line. The Elders believe this location is being transformed into a robot manufacturing facility.
    You will take a squad to Great Bend immediately. If this is the area where the robots are originating, we must strike quickly and shut them down. If our assumptions are incorrect, you will search and destroy any robots you come across."
  27. Great Bend debriefing: "At ease. You have done well clearing the robot infestation from the Great Bend. We don't know how long until the robots attempt to re-establish a manufacturing plant there, but Smear and Falcon Squad will share standing watch in this region until we can heavily trap the area.
    Data collected from your report indicate a damaged robot in the area might have been the controlling force for the other robots. We believe the robots can act independently, but are more efficient when a governing robot coordinates their actions. This analysis is far from complete, but might be instrumental in defeating this foe when more data is acquired and analyzed."
  28. Coldwater briefing: "No matter how long I live, the shock of treachery still cuts deeply. The Brotherhood has been betrayed by a group of criminals from Quincy. Considering our intervention during the Beastlord hostage crisis, this is doubly insulting.
    The mayor reports that this group of rogues poisoned our warriors as they stood vigil over the town. In their weakened state, the guards could barely defend themselves, and the thieves looted our unconscious Brothers and stole away in a Brotherhood vehicle.
    The basic equipment is easily replaceable and is of no consequence. The theft of several suits of Power Armor is our major concern here.
    We have since tracked their progress to the town of Coldwater, where they have used our equipment to exert their dominance over the local populace. This cannot be allowed to continue.
    You will bring your squad to this "Coldwater" and make inquiries until you locate the thieves. The Elders have judged them guilty of high treason against the Brotherhood and death will be their reward.
    There will be no room for mercy on this mission Brother. Kill the thieves and return the armor to the Auditor General. He will be waiting for you in the town."
  29. Coldwater debriefing: "The scoundrels' bodies will be displayed in proper crucifixion outside the town of Quincy, along with the guards that were on watch. Our Inquisitors have also rounded up known friends and family of the criminals to an internment camp. If they have information about any weak links in our security, we will find out. If they don't, they will be placed in a labour camp to prevent the spread of rumors and ensure proper security."
  30. Newton briefing: "A Reaver delegate arrived earlier today bringing news that a large robot force has all but annihilated the main Reaver camp in Newton. The Reaver's numbers have been devastated by relentless attacks and will soon be destroyed unless we intervene. Normally, the Brotherhood would gladly allow one enemy to destroy another, but the Reavers have something to offer.
    The Reaver Movement has developed a new type of weapon based on robot pieces that they've been able to scavenge. This weapon is called an EMP device and it has a devastating effect on electronics. It is this weapon that is allowing the Reavers to survive a mass robot attack, but for them it is still "too little, too late."
    They have agreed to give the Brotherhood both a prototype of this weapon and instruction on its workings in exchange for rescue of their four highest-ranking officials in Newton's Junk City.
    This might be the edge we're looking for against the robots. Bring back that prototype, Brother. You will be supplied with a map to Newton. Rendezvous at the extraction zone with all four Elders and they will be transported via APC and armored escort back here."
  31. Newton debriefing: "What's left of the Reaver Movement is now being administered medical attention. They are grateful for their rescue but the Elders are not so quick to invite them into the Brotherhood fold.
    For the time being they will be kept in one of our many internment camps. This is an excellent time for our interrogators and scribes to pick their brains on any additional technology and their past and future plans.
    They will be kept there until the Elders decide whether to set them free or restrict them to labor camps.
    The Menace from the West's taking of prisoners is most curious considering that the robots have slaughtered everything before them until now. We must wait and see."
  32. Canyon City briefing: "Every day brings us closer to the final confrontation with the Calculator. While we do not yet know who or what the Calculator is, we do realize that our forces are still greatly outmatched. We have learned new tactics, increased our arsenal, and strengthened our realm of control, but the robots are still too powerful and too numerous.
    The old Brotherhood saying, "To kill a snake, cut off its head," does not apply to this mechanical serpent. For this one, we must start with the tip of the tail and progress slowly to its head and vitals. This serpent must be weakened first, for its fangs sink deep and its venom is far more deadly than any poison ever encountered.
    You are to take your squad to the town of Canyon City where the Calculator has set up a robot repair station. It is in this station that damaged robots are mended and parts of destroyed robots are rebuilt and combined to form a whole. This repair plant must be permanently shut down.
    This station is too huge to destroy. It would take too much time and resources to reduce this station to rubble, so we will disable it instead on. It is the power-nodes that you should focus your attention. Destroying them all should slow the robots down... in theory at least.
    We are entering the final phase of our plans. Complete your mission objective above all else, but keep your eyes open for any additional information or weakness that might present itself."
  33. Canyon City debriefing: "The Canyon City repair station is now offline. Dagger Squad and Tusk Squad have simultaneously eliminated two smaller repair stations to the Northwest. The Calculator will now be hard pressed to maintain a large attack force in this area.
    It is now time to step up our attacks and see what effect our actions has on the robot war machine. The Elders believe that the chance of a massive robot attack gets greater with each passing day, so time is running short.
    There is a Brotherhood saying, "Strike while the iron's hot." I believe it applies here.
    It was wise on your part to access information stored in those computer terminals. There is some debate between the Elders whether this information is accurate, or has been formulated to cause confusion in our ranks.
    I personally find it hard to believe that the Calculator is a machine and not a sentient being. In either case, there are still unanswered questions that require further investigation. Good work with the reconnaissance information."
  34. Buena Vista briefing: "It is time to pull the plug on the robots' power source. Reconnaissance has found an operating nuclear reactor located on the outskirts of the town of Buena Vista. We believe that it is this reactor that is supplying the vast majority of power to the robot army.
    In addition, analysis shows that more robots have exited the facility compared to the number that entered it. You don't have to be a scribe to realize that they have a robot production plant next to, or near, the reactor.
    We have hit the robots too many times to be ignored and we won't take them by surprise again. We need you to eliminate as many of the robots as you can. Intelligence's observations confirm that straggler robots are programmed to report to an active base for reassignment. Every robot that escapes will only return in greater numbers.
    Remember, bring the reactor off line... permanently! Disable the robot manufacturing plant and crush as many robots as possible."
  35. Buena Vista debriefing: "With the reactor plant off line, the Calculator will have to rely on Vault 0's internal power supply to fuel its war machine. Disabling the manufacturing plant will force the Calculator to produce its robots somewhere else.
    Reconnaissance has already witnessed a decline in robot patrols in the surrounding area, so we are assuming our latest attack hit home. [...]
    The day of our final attack is almost here, warrior. Soon you will lead your troops into Vault 0 for the final confrontation. The future of the Wasteland hangs in the balance.
    On one side is the Brotherhood poised to pull humanity from the darkness. On the other side is the Calculator, a cold malevolent entity that seeks to sterilize the Wasteland and populate it with destructive, unfeeling machines.
    It is a difficult and grim task ahead of us, warrior. Get some rest. You'll need it."
  36. Scott City briefing: "The robots have captured a man known as Bartholomew Kerr. As you may know, Kerr is a merchant that has been using the Brotherhood's network of bunkers as stopping points to peddle his wares. His knack for appropriating hard to find items has helped the Brotherhood in the past, all for a price of course. Unfortunately, this has given him an extensive knowledge of the locations and populations of several Brotherhood bunkers. This knowledge makes Kerr a threat that cannot be ignored.
    Go to Scott City. That is where Intelligence has located a robot facility where we believe he is being kept. Rescue him, if possible. Our interrogators will find out if any information was leaked to the enemy. If you can't rescue him, he must be neutralized.
    Understand that if the robots succeed in extracting our positional information, we will soon fall to a concentrated assault. We cannot hope to match them in a stand up fight. If we have to go on the defensive, we are lost."
  37. Scott City debriefing: "After you left Scott City, Repo Squad was sent in to insure the facility was rendered useless to the Calculator's forces. I'm sorry to say they have made a grisly discovery.
    General Barnaky's body was found in one of the robot's operating rooms. He was presumed dead for about twelve hours.
    That's not all.
    The top of the General's head was cut off and his brain was removed.
    We don't know why, but the Calculator is now lobotomizing pure blood humans. Repo Squad found approximately three hundred brainless corpses in a shallow grave outside the compound. Our scribes believe that's how they extract information. This is disturbing news if they have access to General Barnaky's knowledge."
    "General Barnaky's death is a great blow to the morale of the Brotherhood. He served our righteous cause ever since he was old enough to carry a weapon. His diligence and determination has helped form the Brotherhood into what it is today. He might have been a little untrusting of non-humans, but his heart was always looking out after his fellow man and we will mourn his passing.
    We must understand why the Calculator is ordering his inhuman machines to gather the brains of humans. Our scribes believe that's how they extract information. This is disturbing news, if they have access to General Barnaky's knowledge."
  38. Cheyenne mountain briefing: "This is it Brother, the final push. Your squad's actions will dictate not only the future of the Brotherhood, but of the very wasteland itself. From here on out, you will have to scavenge supplies on your own. If you do set foot in this bunker again, it will be because the Calculator is no more.
    Our technicians have secured our nuclear warhead to a vehicle for transport, which will be waiting for you on site. This warhead will be needed to crack an entrance into Vault 0. I know it sounds like overkill, but that Vault is designed to take several direct nuclear hits and our only hope is that a precise nuclear blast directed on the door will do the job.
    We expect the entrance to be heavily protected, so make sure that your squad is ready for some heavy action. You must ensure that the warhead stays safe until detonate. The Calculator will not give us such an opportunity again."
  39. Vault 0 briefing: "Well done, warrior!!!
    You have breached Vault 0's outer perimeter. From here you must confront and destroy the Calculator. Dagger Squad was deployed earlier to clear the way for you, but expect heavy resistance from the robots.
    This is a winner take all situation.
    Hold on Brother.
    Initiate Wells: Sir, six Behemoths and a large number of Pacification robots have slipped in our north perimeter. It looks like the Calculator is going for broke.
    Very well initiate, bring up the tank to the north side and sound the alarm. Recall all patrols ASAP.
    Initiate Wells: "Yes sir"
    We have a situation here, Brother
    You eliminate the Calculator and get home. We'll make sure you have a home to come back to. General Dekker out."
  40. Calculator: "It is the organic portion of my mainframe that has become corrupted. The degeneration of my symbiotic brains has corrupted eighty-five percent of main protocol programming."
  41. Fallout Tactics endings: "When the acrid smoke clears nothing remains of the entity known as the Calculator except burnt wires and broken valves. It is a decisive victory for humanity, for at a crucial point in the raging battle the robots were stopped dead in their course of destruction. The Warrior can only ponder on the lost opportunity that the destruction of such a technological marvel represents, history has shown that even the victors of battle have some regrets but sometimes one must move forward. The Brotherhood is quick to establish Vault 0 as its main base of operations, all though much destruction was wrought here it still represents a massive store house of knowledge and technology. The ancient structure becomes the central hub of operations, coordinating between outposts far and near and reinforcing their supply lines and transport routes across the countryside. Ironically mimicking the original purpose of their defeated enemy.
    Recruitment and education of the local tribal and village populations becomes the all important mission of the depleted and wounded Brotherhood but the education is not once sided, after generations of surviving in the harshness of the wastelands the indigenous people are in tune with the land. They have valuable lessons to teach those immersed solely with technology, lessons of nature and balance that the Brotherhood had previously neglected. Not all of the wasteland's inhabitants are sharing the same noble purpose, opportunistic raiders and bandits enjoy the fruits of a recovering war torn Brotherhood. Patrols are scarce and in smaller numbers than the thieves remember encountering in the past, as the Brotherhood focuses on consolidating its power base. Several frontier outposts are lost as the Brotherhood finds they are fighting a guerrilla war without the support of large numbers, but adversity and hardship are as familiar to the Brotherhood as discipline and knowledge and they learn their lessons quickly. With a new power over this region comes a new responsibility, all plans for re-establishing contact with the west are postponed indefinitely.
    Recruitment begins anew and the initiate ranks swell, all military efforts are then concentrated on uprooting all outlaw predators in the region finally making it safe for the Brotherhood and its allies. In time the Brotherhood once again rules the land, resources are then allocated to expansion and development. Technology becomes more widespread, with irrigation systems established to make the nuclear blasted land fertile, humanity once again starts to prosper. The Hero, the warrior of the Brotherhood, now a general, shares the burden and the satisfaction of overseeing civilization's development. The Brotherhood of Steel has come through the trials of this region and emerged scarred but wiser, it will be decades before a reunion is possible between the old Brotherhood and the new Brotherhood regime. In that time there are new alliances to be made, new battles to be fought, new victories to be had but that is a tale for another day."