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War Never Changes
War Never Changes.gif
Quest data
LocationSanctuary Hills
Vault 111
Given ByAutomatic
AchievementWar Never Changes
Xbox Live gamerscoreIcon gamerscore.png5PlayStation 3 trophyIcon ps3trophy.pngBronze
Editor IDMQ101
Base ID0001ed86
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leads to:
Out of Time

War Never Changes is the prelude quest that begins Fallout 4.


For every story, there is a beginning, and the tale of the Sole Survivor starts with the calm before the storm. As nuclear fire threatens their very existence, it will be up for our protagonist to take charge of the fate of their family.


  1. The Sole Survivor and their spouse will start their day preparing for a military banquet, in which the player will get their first chance to modify their appearance and sex.
  2. After finishing up and exploring the house a bit, there will be a knock at the door, in which the Sole Survivor will come face-to-face with the Vault-Tec representative, who is visiting in order to educate the Sole Survivor's family as to the nearby Vault 111, and their candidacy for residency within the vault, minus their personal robot. In this stage of the quest, the Sole Survivor will get the chance to modify their S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats, as well as the chance to determine their name.
  3. After shutting the door on the representative, the baby will begin acting up, and the Sole Survivor will need to console them for a bit before Codsworth, the family's Mr. Handy butler, alerts the family to a rather startling broadcast on the television.
  4. With impending nuclear war on their door step, the Sole Survivor will need to escort their family to Vault 111, all the while enduring the chaos seen among the panicking civilian population. Upon arrival at the vault, they will be lowered down just in time as a nuclear blastwave hits the immediate area.
  5. Once inside and having met the vault's overseer, the Sole Survivor and their family will be escorted into a room filled with odd "decontamination pods", and are instructed to enter them. As they settle into these chambers, a revelation hits the Sole Survivor, as they watch their spouse and child being frozen against their will just across from them. Shortly after this scene unfolds, the Sole Survivor, too, becomes frozen in time.
  6. After an unknown amount of time passes, a malfunction will temporarily unfreeze the Sole Survivor, where they will witness two mysterious antagonists shoot the Sole Survivor's spouse, and kidnap their baby, before being frozen again.
  7. After a remote override from an unknown party, the Sole Survivor is once again unfrozen, and is finally afforded the opportunity to escape from their imprisonment.

Quest stages

Status Stage Description
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Behind the scenes

The quest's title is a reference to the iconic quote "War never changes" that is frequently read by Ron Perlman (or in Fallout 4's case, Brian Delaney) in the introduction sequences to Fallout games.

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