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Wan Yang's dialogue
Game Information
NPCWan Yang
Data FilePointLookout.esm
Editor IDDLC04FF05speakerNPC
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Gametitle-FO3 PL.png

Full dialogue file

Dialogue file
Topic DLC04bankPasswordHolo01 DLC04bankPasswordHolo01 The audio password for my box is "Nevermore". DLC04FF05_DLC04bankPasswor_00010A3D_1
Topic DLC04bankPasswordHolo02 DLC04bankPasswordHolo02 ...Don't tell Evelyn. The password? "Buttercup", why... DLC04FF05_DLC04bankPasswor_00010A3E_1 older man, fragment of phone conversation
Topic DLC04FF05ContactHolotape DLC04FF05ContactHolotape I apologize that I cannot receive you in person, agent Jiang. Our Norfolk contact confirms your arrival. DLC04FF05_DLC04FF05Contact_00004364_1 Chinese man with an almost perfect "American" accent.
Topic DLC04FF05ContactHolotape DLC04FF05ContactHolotape How eager the Americans are to believe that a great mind of the People would defect! Our countrymen will herald you as a hero when your work is done. DLC04FF05_DLC04FF05Contact_00004364_2
Topic DLC04FF05ContactHolotape DLC04FF05ContactHolotape To that end, let us turn to the details of your mission. This room will be your safehouse in Point Lookout. DLC04FF05_DLC04FF05Contact_00004364_3
Topic DLC04FF05ContactHolotape DLC04FF05ContactHolotape Focus initially on playing the American lapdog. Do not arouse suspicion. DLC04FF05_DLC04FF05Contact_00004364_4
Topic DLC04FF05ContactHolotape DLC04FF05ContactHolotape When it is safe, use the key you were given in Norfolk to open one of the public rental lockers on the boardwalk near the Motel. DLC04FF05_DLC04FF05Contact_00004364_5
Topic DLC04FF05ContactHolotape DLC04FF05ContactHolotape You will be provided with the password you'll need to access your mission debriefing. The agreed-upon payment will be paid upon extraction. DLC04FF05_DLC04FF05Contact_00004364_6
Topic DLC04FF05ContactHolotape DLC04FF05ContactHolotape Zhù ni háoyùn, agent Jiang. DLC04FF05_DLC04FF05Contact_00004364_7 Mandarin for "Good Luck"
Topic DLC04FF05DebriefingHolotape DLC04FF05DebriefingHolotape Agent Jiang; as you know, an important Chinese surveillance vessel was lost in American waters. DLC04FF05_DLC04FF05Debrief_00006AAD_1 Chinese man with an almost perfect "American" accent.
Topic DLC04FF05DebriefingHolotape DLC04FF05DebriefingHolotape Your mission is to destroy derelict submarine SSN-37-1A before the Americans can recover and analyze it. DLC04FF05_DLC04FF05Debrief_00006AAD_2
Topic DLC04FF05DebriefingHolotape DLC04FF05DebriefingHolotape The recovery location is included in this dossier, and your cover ensures that the Americans will allow you access to their recovery operation. DLC04FF05_DLC04FF05Debrief_00006AAD_3
Topic DLC04FF05DebriefingHolotape DLC04FF05DebriefingHolotape However; you will need an authorization code to trigger the self-destruct sequence. DLC04FF05_DLC04FF05Debrief_00006AAD_4
Topic DLC04FF05DebriefingHolotape DLC04FF05DebriefingHolotape One of our field operatives in your area, Agent Yang, has these codes hidden in a dental capsule, but her current whereabouts are unknown. DLC04FF05_DLC04FF05Debrief_00006AAD_5
Topic DLC04FF05DebriefingHolotape DLC04FF05DebriefingHolotape Locate and rendezvous with Agent Yang, then destroy the submarine. Report to your safehouse for extraction information when the mission is complete. DLC04FF05_DLC04FF05Debrief_00006AAD_6
Topic DLC04FF05DebriefingHolotape DLC04FF05DebriefingHolotape The will of the People protect you, Agent Jiang. DLC04FF05_DLC04FF05Debrief_00006AAD_7
Topic DLC04FF05PassHolotape DLC04FF05PassHolotape Go to the bank and use password xìn tian weng. The software is configured to recognize only our voices. DLC04FF05_DLC04FF05PassHol_00005B6C_1 Chinese man with an almost perfect "American" accent.