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Mentioned-only character
Wan Yang
"Jamie Patrick"
"Maria Lopez"
"Stanley Derrick"
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Biography and appearance
RaceHuman, Asian
AffiliationPeople's Republic of China
LocationTurtledove Detention Camp (Point Lookout)
Dialogue FileWan Yang's dialogue
Mentioned inPoint Lookout
QuestsThe Velvet Curtain
Base ID00000000Ref ID00000000
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Wan Yang, suspected communist and Chinese sympathizer, has been reported in the vicinity of Point Lookout. Agent Yang may be operating under an alias and/or using a disguise.

— Wanted poster

Wan Yang (also known as Jamie Patrick, Maria Lopez, Stanley Derrick and Five-Claw-Dragon) was a Chinese spy in Point Lookout in 2062. Her skeleton can be found at the Turtledove Detention Camp morgue in 2277.


Wan Yang was a Chinese spy active in the pre-War United States. Arrested as a suspect during the investigation of the Niagara Sabotage in 2062, she managed to escape during a transfer to Albany, New York. Upon her escape, she fled to various hideouts until she arrived at Point Lookout years later. While in Point Lookout, an anonymous tip led to her being captured and sent to the Turtledove Detention Camp where she had died during an interrogation.

It is noted in her interrogation report that she "demonstrates remarkable resistance to interrogation, but yielded **CLASSIFIED**, connecting the Chinese Intelligence Community to **CLASSIFIED**". There are a number of possibilities for what these entries could have been; "Dr Jiang" and "the recovered Chinese submarine" or "the location of a secret chinese intelligence bunker" and "the Calvert family".[1]

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Her dead body is also found sticking out of an open safe in the test cell "DLC04zTestMarkiepoo", which can only be accessed through console commands.


Wan Yang appears only in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout.


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