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Walk in the Park
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Quest data
LocationFar Harbor, Acadia
Given ByAutomatic
Editor IDDLC03MQ02
Base IDxx001b40
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Walk in the Park is a main quest in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.


In order to find Kasumi, the Sole Survivor is directed to Acadia, a synth refuge on the Island. However, to get there, they will need a guide: Old Longfellow.


  1. Talk to the welcome party at the dock: Avery and Allen Lee.
  2. The Mariner will run in and interrupt, reporting that a wave of monsters is coming in from the fog.
  3. Follow Avery to the hull. Monsters come in three increasingly difficult waves and attack the survivors on the ground first.
  4. Optional: Saving Jared Gresham will result in a reward from him.
  5. Once the attacks are repulsed (falling off is harmless, except for all the monsters), talk to Avery and Lee. They will direct you to Old Longfellow.
  6. Talk to him at The Last Plank. Use either persuasion, Nick Valentine, or buy him a bottle of whiskey to make him pliable.
  7. Follow him to Acadia and take in the sights - and advice.
  8. Upon arrival, talk to Longfellow.

Quest stages

Status Stage Description
Talk to the welcome party I've arrived in Far Harbor .The locals may know more about Kasumi and the synth refuge she mentioned.
Follow Captain Avery Captain Avery, the leader of Far Harbor, has agreed to give me information if I help defend the town.
Defend the Hull Creatures from the Fog are attacking Far Harbor. They need to be dealt with.
Talk to Captain Avery With the town secure, I can get more answers from Captain Avery about Kasumi and the synth refuge.
Talk to Old Longfellow There's a hunter named Old Longfellow that can guide me to Acadia, where Kasumi was headed.
Go to Acadia with Old Longfellow Old Longfellow will guide me through the dangers of the island to Acadia and hopefully Kasumi.
Talk to Old Longfellow My guide, Old Longfellow, wants to have one last word with me before I enter Acadia.
Made it to Acadia. Hopefully Kasumi Nakano is still here.
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