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LocationCapital Wasteland
Mojave Wasteland

Vultures[1] are scavenging birds of prey that live off the scavenging off the carrion of other dead animals. They can be seen flying above most settlements in the Capital Wasteland, like Megaton, Temple of the Union, and Evergreen Mills and can also be seen in the sky in New Vegas. Vultures somehow survived the Great War and its many nuclear blasts, and do not appear to have been affected by the radiation at all, uncommon but not unheard of amongst the wild animals.

Fallout 3

Fallout: New Vegas


  • Vultures are not gameworld objects and cannot be interacted with in any way, similar to Fish. They exist only as a distant visual effect like far away buildings or terrain.
  • Because Vultures are a visual effect, they can fly through any surface in the Capital Wasteland.
  • Vultures will appear as 2 dimensional textures if the player is able to get close enough.
  • Vultures forever remain in the air, and will never land.



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