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Visions in the Fog
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Quest data
LocationThe Nucleus, Atom's Spring, Children of Atom Shrine
Given ByGrand Zealot Richter
RewardInitiation into the The Church of the Children of Atom
Robes of Atom's Devoted
Editor IDDLC03AtomM01
Base IDxx00afb1
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What Atom Requires
Best Left Forgotten

Visions in the Fog is a main quest in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.


To join the Children, the Sole Survivor can't just mosey up and ask. To do it, they need to pass a test and bring back a token of proof to Grand Zealot Richter.


  1. Witness the debacle at the entrance to The Nucleus and talk to Richter.
  2. Travel to Atom's Spring and drink.
  3. Follow the ghostly figure to the Children of Atom Shrine.
  4. Enter the little adjacent metal hut protected by ghouls.
  5. Read the periodic table on the wall (or rather, the scrawls next to it) and use the terminal on the cage.
  6. Collect the Mother Icon.
  7. Return to Richter.

Quest stages

Status Stage Description
Drink from the Spring The Children of Atom require a ritual before allowing anyone into their sanctuary. Looks like I'll have to drink from a nearby spring. Bottom's up, I guess.
Follow the Figure A ghostly woman beckoned me to follow her through the woods. Let's see where this goes...
Investigate the Holy Site The ghostly figure directed me to a small holy site. Suppose I should check it out.
Unlock the Cache This site appears to be some kind of shrine. And there's a strange carving locked away in a cage. I need to figure out how to get it open. Must be a clue around here...
Collect the Icon I figured out the code to the terminal, "Mother." Now to unlock the cage and grab the carving.
Return to the Grand Zealot The carving appears to be some sort of religious icon, maybe to this "Mother?" I should ask the Grand Zealot about it.
Turns out this "Mother" who led me through the woods was a messenger from Atom. Who knew? Now I can finally enter as an official Child of Atom.
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