Virgo II lunar lander

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Virgo II Lunar Lander
Virgo II Lander from Museum of Technology.jpeg
A replica of the original Virgo II lander found at the Museum of Technology in Washington D.C.

Virgo II lunar lander was used in the first Moon landing by the United States. The Virgo III lunar lander was used in the subsequent mission, Valiant 12.


The Virgo II lander was an innovative, lightweight design that was the first to land on the Moon on July 16, 1969 as part of the Valiant 11 mission.[1]

A replica of the lander was exhibited at the Museum of Technology in 2077, commemorating the history of spaceflight in the United States of America.[2] The replica lander was functional and its communications relay dish was targeted by Three Dog to restore his radio's broadcast range.[3]

Behind the scenes

  • The design of the lander is based on the Soviet lunar lander, LK (Lunniy korabl, moon craft). The LK was created as part of the Space Race, before being quietly retired after the United States put the Apollo on the moon.


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