Vim Captain's Blend

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Vim Captain's Blend
Fo4FH VimBottle CaptainBlend.png
+600 HP
+100 AP
-2 Charisma
Scent of the Sea
+75 HP (Wasteland Survival perk)
+60 caffeination for 100s (Survival)
HP regen: 10 seconds (~0.2 minutes)
Bonuses: 120 seconds (~2 minutes)
Editor IDDLC03Vim_CaptainsBlend
Base IDxx054281

Vim Captain's Blend is a consumable in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.


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Vim! Pop sought to capitalize on the regional specialty gimmick by embodying "the taste of Maine." By infusing classic Vim with fiddlehead greens, lobster shells, aster and some other extracts, this luminescent violet pop had a distinct fishy taste, but was well received by taste testers.[1] Unsurprisingly, after drinking a few bottles, consumers reported their sweat smelling like a pier,[2] but even stranger was the fact that lobsters were less prone to attack a commercial fisherman when he was removing them from the cages.[3]


This blend of nautical flavors provides 600 hit points over 10 seconds and an instant 100 action point boost. Additionally, the drink makes one smell like a dock; this lowers one's Charisma by 2 for two minutes, but it also causes the sea creatures around the island (angler, fog crawler, gulper, and mirelurk) less likely to attack for the same amount of time. On Survival difficulty, it is also caffeinated, meaning one can stave off the effects of sleep deprivation for another 100 seconds.


1 Vim
1 Vim Captain's Blend


  • Five Captain's Blends can be found throughout the Vim! Pop factory.
  • It can also be crafted at any cooking station after retrieving the recipes from the research and development department at the Vim! Pop factory.