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Vim! Pop factory
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Map MarkerVim! Pop Factory
FactionsVim! Pop Incorporated (defunct)
Super mutants
QuestsBest Left Forgotten
Cell NameVimPopFactoryExt
DLC03VimPopFactory01 (Vim! corporate headquarters)
DLC03VimPopFactory02 (Vim! factory)
DLC03KyeBunker01 (Vim! basement)
ref idxx000ce2 (Ext)
xx000cc6 (Ext02)
xx000bbe (Ext03)
xx0054d8 (Vim! corporate headquarters)
xx016e33 (Vim! factory)
xx0137ce (Vim! basement)
TerminalsVim! Pop Factory terminals

The Vim! Pop factory was the headquarters, production, and distribution facility of Vim! Pop Incorporated until the Great War of 2077. Located in the ruins of Southwest Harbor, Maine it is now a longstanding super mutant encampment in 2287.


This facility was the corporate headquarters for Vim! Pop Incorporated and the adjacent factory factory produced their flagship regional beverage before the Great War, regularly held tours of the facility for tourists. Since then, it has been taken over by super mutants. This band of super mutants preyed on harbormen across the island, but one mutant, Erickson questioned why, explaining that there was plenty of wildlife to hunt instead.The resident behemoth Grun took exception to this and tried to smash Erickson, but to no avail.[1] After this incident, Erickson decided it would be best if he set out on his own and distance himself from his violent comrades. To this end, he trapped Grun in the basement storage room; the other mutants could not operate the terminal that opened the door, so while they tried to release Grun through more conventional methods, but were unsuccessful. In the chaos, Erickson escaped and began to wander the island alone.[2]



The main courtyard has been fortified with wood and rebar with a lookout post facing east. On the southern wall is a parking garage which leads into Vim! corporate headquarters.

The rooftop is accessed through the factory or the corporate offices, and lead up to the very top via catwalks. This central room is the research and development department, which contains two chemistry stations, and leads further in to a stairwell. This stairwell descends and grants access to the other catwalks wrapping around the buildings.

Vim! corporate headquarters

Beyond the reception area are the bathrooms and a gift shop that has mostly been picked clean. A door in the northeast corner leads to the Vim! factory. North of the central plaza is a viewing room that used to expand upon the history of Vim! A hole in the wall leads to a staircase which ascends to the offices. The CEO's office is on the southern end of the offices, behind an Advanced-locked door, and the roof can be accessed by a door in the east.

Vim! factory floor

The Vim! factory floor is in a gross state of disrepair; the entrance in the gift shop leads to a crumpled catwalk, so accessing the factory floor from the stairwell is more effective. The catwalks above cannot be entered from the first room, forcing one into the factory break room or down the ramp into the flooded area. Either way leads further south into the factory. However, in the eastern part of the factory is the loading dock; it is currently locked, but through an Advanced-locked terminal, the massive door can be unlocked, releasing Grun, a super mutant behemoth.

The subsequent room has catwalks leading up to three rooms, and a nearby stairwell leads up to the rooftop. The first room is a workshop at the top of the catwalks (to the west) that contains a power armor station and a Vim! themes suit of power armor. To the north is a workshop area that contains a weapons workbench, and leads into the adjacent tasting room.

To the south are the mixing vats and management offices, which has an armor workbench and steamer trunk; there is also a staircase in a nearby hallway that leads back outside the factory. In the southeast part of the ground floor of the mixing vats, there is a mag-locked door securing an elevator that descends to the factory basement to a medical facility controlled by KYE 1.1 and is only accessible with a synthetic humanoid present (such as Nick Valentine) or persuasion. The mag-locked room contains a steamer chest and December's Child.

Notable loot

Vim! Corporate Headquarters
  • A Vim Quartz is found on Vim machine just past the reception area.
  • A Vim Refresh is behind the eastern most cash register in the gift shop.
  • Three Vim Captains Blends are in the upstairs offices of the corporate headquarters: one is inside the refrigerator in the kitchen, another is beside Madison's terminal, and the third is inside the CEO's office on a shelf. Another Vim Refresh is also in the same refrigerator.
Quest items
Vim! Factory
  • A full suit of T-51 power armor with a Vim! paint job is found in the workshop
  • CEO's master password
  • Vim Recipes can be downloaded from the terminal in the research and development department, allowing one to craft every variety of Vim.
  • Another Vim Captains Blend is found on the table in the tasting room in the factory, and another Vim Quartz is on the counter in the kitchen area.
  • Another Vim Quartz is found on the central console in the first room of the factory; traversing the area through the tasting room is required to get to it.
  • Overdue book
  • Vim! paint job
  • Vim! Refresh paint job
Vim! Basement


  • Two teddy bears are performing mutual oral sex on each other in the female restroom of the corporate headquarters.


Vim! Pop factory appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.