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Villa police station
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Map MarkerPolice Station
QuestsFind Collar 8: "Dog"
Cell NameNVDLC01PoliceStation
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TerminalsPolice Chief's Terminal
Terminal (holding cell)
Terminal (locker room)
Terminal (basement)
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Residential area, clinic, police station - should keep away from the police station, it's a Ghost People hangout.

Dean Domino

The Villa Police Station is a location in the Sierra Madre's Villa in 2281.


Before the Great War, the building was the headquarters for the Sierra Madre Casino's police and security personnel. The terminal entries on the police chief's personal terminal prove that corruption was present among either all or part of the casino's security detail. After two centuries of neglect, the surrounding area is a popular "hangout" for ghost people.[1]


The station contains all that a once-bustling police station in a high end area would need: several cells for individual prisoners and a larger cell for people who have committed less dangerous infractions. The larger cell contains Dog. The police station is also one of the most difficult to traverse, as several radios can be found throughout the police station, and even several will be found in one room. The police station does boast some amenities, such as a usable bed in this location and a reloading bench that can be found in the third room to the right of Dog's cage.

The contraband room is located immediately left of the main entrance to the police station, but to access the room, the Police Chief's terminal (Hard difficulty) must be hacked. Reading the "Prohibited Items" entry on the terminal will count towards the History's Sake challenge. Inside the contraband room are various weapons, ammunition and other miscellaneous items.

The basement is accessible by going down a staircase in the main lobby area. It consists of five rooms. A voice, "God", speaks to the player after they enter the basement. There are various containers and lockers with random miscellaneous loot in each, including Sierra Madre chips. The first room has a terminal with some background information and a step ladder that allows you to reach ammunition and Fixer on top of the tall wooden boxes. A janitor's closet, to your right as you enter the second room, has some liquor and a bottle of Buffout in open containers, and a copy of Grognak the Barbarian is lying on the floor. The final room contains a terminal that uploads the Dog command tape.

Notable loot

Related quests


Villa police station appears in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on, Dead Money.


  1. The Courier: "What can you tell me about the Villa and the town?"
    Dean Domino: "Residential area, clinic, police station - should keep away from the police station, it's a Ghost People hangout. Salida del Sol, Puesta del Sol are East Town, West Town. "Sunrise" and "Sunset." Or were when the streets and sky weren't covered with toxic gas. Ghost People don't come into the Villa much. West Town and East Town, though... they're thick with the Cloud and Ghost People. Like hunting grounds."
    (Dean Domino's dialogue)