Victor's shack

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Victor's shack
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Map MarkerNone (nearest: Goodsprings)
Part ofGoodsprings
Cell NameGSShackVictorInt
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Victor's shack is a small home on the edge of Goodsprings, where Victor "lives".


Located near the Goodsprings schoolhouse, beyond two derelict houses, the "shack" is a surprisingly clean, compact home. It features a usable bed by the door, with a desk and storage shelves arranged around a central pillar. The kitchen at the far end of the house has an oven and a sink with pure water piped directly from the spring available. The shack has been vacated by its prior owner, allowing the player to take anything they want and use it as a base.

Key advantages include non-respawning containers that will safely hold the player's gear, a free bed, and a source of rad-free water. After Victor leaves for New Vegas, his former body is left behind parked in front of the shack.

Notable loot


Victor's shack appears in Fallout: New Vegas.