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For the companion and wasteland trader who works among the tribes of northern New California, see Vic.
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Vic was the former mayor and sociopathic ganglord of Goodneighbor prior to Hancock's rise.


The former ganglord of Goodneighbor ran the settlement for years as his own personal fiefdom. Although he took a more delicate approach for those denizens with homes, he persecuted the drifters with extreme prejudice. Confiscating their property and using his gang to keep the entire community in line. Occasionally he would let them off the leash and sack the populace at large. Only those with homes that could lock their doors would emerge relatively unscathed. The entire populace was crippled with fear, including the person before he became "Hancock."[1][2]

One night, some drifter said something to them and they cracked him open like a can of Cram on the pavement. The witnesses all just stood there paralyzed with fear.[2] After participating in classic bystander effect "Hancock" felt like less than nothing. Afterward to numb the pain he got so high that he blacked out completely, eventually coming to on the floor of the Old State House. Right in front of the clothes of John Hancock. First American hoodlum and defender of the People.[3]

Inspired he donned the attire and persona. Afterword he stopped taking chems, got organized, convinced KLEO to loan him some weaponry, gathered a gang of drifters and headed into the ruins to start training. All for the sole purpose of removing Vic and his crew from power. To strike back the next time Vic's crew went on another tear.[3]

The night of the struggle they all got loaded. Hancock's crew with their tactical positions and weaponry and Vic's crew with idleness and alcohol. When Vic's crew was good and drunk Hancock's crew burst through the windows and rooftops. Vic's crew never saw them coming, although they didn't have to fire a shot it turned into a massacre. Once they killed that last survivors they strolled into Vic's quarters in the State House, wrapped a rope around his neck, and threw him off its famous balcony. Killing him.[4]

And there Hancock stood, gun in hand, draped in John Hancock's cloths, looking at all the people of Goodneighbor assembled below. Feeling the need to say something he blurted out the words: "Of the people, for the people!" It was his inaugural address as Mayor Hancock of Goodneighbor. From then on, he vowed to never stand by and watch oppression. Ever again.[4]


Vic is mentioned only in Fallout 4.


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    Hancock: "Well, I mean, I didn't always look this good. The drug that did this to me, that made me a Ghoul, I knew what it was going to do. I just couldn't stand looking at the bastard I saw in the mirror anymore. The coward who'd let all those Ghouls from Diamond City die. Who was too scared to protect his fellow drifters from Vic and his boys. If I took it, I'd never have to look at him again. I could put that all behind me. I'd be free. Didn't seem like a choice at all. Turns out it was just me running from somethin' else in my life."
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    (Hancock's dialogue)